Is It Bad To Sleep In A Recliner Chair? Pros, Cons And Tips To Sleep

Most of us love to relax in a recliner while watching television or reading a book. The comfort of our recliner lulls us to sleep, and then we wake up after several hours. it’s very comforting too. But is it bad to sleep in a recliner chair? Stick to this article to find out.

All of us are know the fact that sleeping on a couch is not good for our body. However, we still end up sleeping in our recliner because we find it more comfortable than our bed.

Some people might have problems with sleeping horizontally, especially the people with respiratory problems, who tend to sleep well with their head positioned upright. Now, the most crucial question is: is it bad to sleep in a chair?

This article enumerates the pros and cons of sleeping in a recliner chair. Read on to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of sleeping in a recliner sofa and what you can do to overcome the problems.

You can follow the tips given in the end to ensure that you have a comfortable sleep in your recliner.

How to sleep in a recliner chair?

If sleeping in a recliner is comfortable for you, then you can follow some steps to ensure that it does not have an unfavorable impact on your body. Here’s how to sleep in a recliner without hurting your back:

Recliner sofas provide you back & arm support so that you can relax. Ensure that your recliner has enough space to change positions while you sleep.

Use a stool to lift your feet and keep it off the ground. You can put a pillow beneath your feet to support them. Raising your feet will prevent blood clots, poor circulation, and cramps.

Ensure that your head is correctly positioned on the headrest. Make sure that you have adequate neck support. Concentrate on relaxing your muscles and resting yourself. Doing so will help you to have a satisfying sleep without hurting your muscles.

You’ll be glad to know that there are certain medical conditions for which the doctors recommend sleeping in a recliner.

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The pros & cons of sleeping in a chair

Though it might be difficult to believe, sleeping in a recliner has its fair share of benefits. Some of the conditions in which sleeping in a recliner is beneficial have been enumerated below:

Pros of sleeping in a recliner

Sleep apnea, Snoring, and GERD: If you have sleep apnea, you can try sleeping on the recliner because it will open up your diaphragm so that you can breathe easy.

Surgery: After undergoing surgery, you can consider sleeping on the couch for some days.

Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis: The patients of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis may consider sleeping in a recliner to be more comfortable than sleeping in a bed. Moreover, sleeping in a recliner may reduce their pain.

Chronic conditions of heartburn and acid reflux: The sleeping position in a recliner may give relief to the people suffering from the chronic diseases of heartburn and acid reflux.

Neck and back pain: The people who suffer from severe neck pain and back pain can try sleeping on a recliner because it provides better support to the back, neck and spinal cord than the bed. Sleeping on a recliner also decreases the pressure on the spine and enables the muscles to rest.

Minor breathing problems: If you have minor breathing problems, you can try sleeping on a recliner because it will help you to take deeper breaths.
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Stress and inflammation: When you are sleeping on your recliner, you elevate your feet above the heart level. It eases blood circulation, thus helping you to recover from your fatigue by giving some rest to your lower body.

Circulatory problems: The nervous system is engaged in the execution of the bodily functions. Reclining enables the body to relax and rest.

Pregnancy: Sleeping in a bed can be problematic while you are pregnant. So, you can try to sleep on your recliner. Sleeping in a recliner while pregnant can aid you in overcoming problems such as shortness of breath and nausea.

Cons of sleeping in a recliner

Sleeping in a recliner has several disadvantages. They have been described below:

The inadequacy of positions: If you like switching your positions while you are sleeping, then a recliner might not be a feasible option for you. You can only lay on your back or your sides while you sleep in a recliner so it might be uncomfortable for you.

Neck or back issues: Certain angles of the recliner may be uncomfortable for you depending on the pain and severity of your condition. However, others may find recliners helpful in alleviating their suffering. If you are thinking: ‘is it bad to sleep in a chair when I have back issues?’, then you can consult your doctor to seek his advice.

Hip and Joint Contractures: If you sleep in your recliner over long periods, then you can have hip and joint contractures. They may restrict your mobility and posture thus causing falls and severe injuries.

Neck strain: During our sleep, our muscles tend to loosen up. Therefore, it becomes difficult to sit up. If you have the habit of sleeping in a recliner while sitting upright, then your neck might be strained, and the head might drop to one side. Moreover, your body might be manipulated to uncoordinated positions by gravity. It might result in sore muscles.

Strain, neck strain

Lower back pain: Sleeping in a recliner for lower back pain can be disastrous if your recliner has a gap between the curve of the seat and your back. If you decide to sleep in a recliner, ensure that you fill this gap using a pillow or a towel.

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Knee problems: If you tend to fall asleep in your recliner, then you should know that it may weaken your knees and cause intense pain. When you try to stand up from the recliner, your knees have to work against gravity. Doing so puts pressure on your knee thus enfeebling them.

Depression: Sleeping on the couch depression is a sure sign of existential crisis. If you have insomnia and tend to lay awake on the couch all day long, then you may be depressed. Moreover, if you wake up lacking the will and ability to do things, then you may be depressed.

Airplane Syndrome: If you sleep in a recliner while sitting upright, then thrombotic clotting may develop in your legs which may become life-threatening.

● Swelling of the legs: Sleeping in your recliner in an upright position may cause swelling in your legs. When your muscles remain inactive for extended periods, it obstructs the flow of blood in the body. The blood cannot flow upwards, so it gets collected in the veins and makes them swell. It causes swelling of the legs and the ankles

Shallow Sleep: Sleeping in a recliner in a single position in a confined space leads to shallow sleep. You cannot rest adequately and wake up feeling exhausted, along with sore muscles.

Tips for sleeping on a recliner sofa

After reading the pros and cons, you might be wondering how to sleep in a recliner without risking your health. So here are a few tips for sleeping on recliner sofa:

The recliner is ideal for the people who sleep on their sides and their back. So, if you have the habit of sleeping on your stomach, you might consider sleeping in a bed.

You should adjust your recliner sofa according to your comfort before sleeping in it. If you have a power recliner, move it to an angle between 110 and 130 degrees.

Do not sleep in an upright position because it puts pressure on your spine. If you have respiratory issues, then keep your head in an upright position so that you can breathe properly.

Lift your feet with the help of a table or a stool. Doing so will ensure the proper relaxation of the legs. You can also put a pillow to support your legs. You can consider wearing compression socks to prevent blood clotting.

Support your neck with a fluffy pillow. It is important to provide adequate support to your neck while you are sleeping in a recliner sofa. Otherwise, you may experience severe neck pain and other complications in the future.When you are awake, try to change your position every hour. If you lie on your side or back for too long, you might end up putting a lot of pressure on it.

Cover yourself according to the temperature of your room. You should cover yourself with a blanket during winter while sleeping on the recliner so that you do not wake up in the middle of the night feeling cold.

So, is it bad to sleep on a chair? Sleeping in a recliner chair can be advantageous as well as hazardous. Its effect on your health will depend on the manner in which you use your recliner chair. If you maintain adequate posture and change your position frequently, then sleeping in a recliner can prove to be extremely beneficial for you.

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