Best Recliners 2024 – Product Reviews And Buying Guide

Did you have a long and tiring day?

Thinking of chilling out with your friends over a TV show?

Or, to sit back and relax in solitude?

A recliner could be the perfect option for these times.

Recliner Sofa
Recliner Sofa

Like most of the sofa options, recliners provide a comfortable cushioned seating option. Additionally, with the reclining back seat and the draw-out leg rests, you can relax in a leisure position. Hence, the name is given “recliner”.

You can find various types of recliners in the market with different mechanisms which aid the reclining. Few of these recliners come with additional options which enhance comfort and utility.

Picking the right recliner

Various materials, cushioning and mechanisms are used to ensure that the recliners offer greater comfort, ease of use and are durable for a longer period.

Picking the right recliner
Picking the right recliner

The material used to make the structure of the recliner, the padding used for cushioning and the mechanism – all are important aspects of a good recliner.

Factoring in all these variables while selecting a recliner can be a difficult activity. With the investment which goes into buying a recliner, it is important that it is durable for a longer period. Recliners which offer multiple options and are top-most, might not always be the right choice. It should meet your specific requirements and be within the budget. Spending a higher amount for features which you do not use would be a waste of investment.

We understand that it would be quite an effort from your end. Hence to make things simpler, we have researched the various recliner options that are available and have come up with what we consider to be the ten best recliner options.

Our list of the ten best recliner options is provided after a thorough study of the available options. We have, in this article not only provided a detailed review of the various features of these recliners but also have highlighted the best aspects of each of them as well as the drawbacks. A buying guide is also provided which will help you in choosing the most ideal recliner option for you.

Relax and read through the article, as we review the ten best reclining sofas for you.

Comparison Table of 10 top rated recliners sofa

Christopher Knight Home
Christopher Knight Home

* Faux Leather
* 26.2 x 37.2 x 40 (inches)
* 84

New Classic Recliner
New Classic Recliner

* Polyester and PU
leather fusion
* 44.5 x 42 x 38 (inches)
* 121 lbs.

RecPro Charles Recliner
RecPro Charles Recliner

* Polyurethane Leather
* 32 x 31 x 30 (inches)
* 88 lbs.

Coaster Home Furnishings
Coaster Home Furnishings

* Polyester &
Nylon Fleece
* 41 x 87 x 40 (inches)
* 200 lbs.

Electric Power Lift
Electric Power Lift

* Leather
* 35.8 x 33.5 x 43 (inches)
* 110 lbs.

Signature Design By Ashley
Signature Design By Ashley

* Polyester &
Polyurethane blend
* 39.4 x 82.8 x 43.8 (inches)
* 277 lbs.

Homelegance Double
Homelegance Double

* Microfiber
* 90 x 40 x 40 (inches)
* 196 lbs.

Merax Sofa Recliner
Merax Sofa Recliner

* Polyester fabric
* 51.2X 27.5X 7.8 (inches)
* NA

JC Home Wall Hugger
JC Home Wall Hugger

* Bonded
Leather PU
* 34.6 x 37 x 41 (inches)
* 113.2 lbs.

Ashley Furniture Signature
Ashley Furniture Signature

* Polyfiber
* 40.5 x 35 x 42.5 (inches)
* 120 lbs.

Top 10 Best Recliners in 2024

We did a detailed study of the various recliner options and based on our observations, we have come up with a list of the ten best recliners that are currently in the market. Go through our reviews before you make the final choice for recliners. A few of the criteria that we have considered while reviewing the options are – the quality of the fabric used, the design, durability, and mechanism.

1. Christopher Knight Home Club Chair (Recliner with a simple and classic look)

This recliner from Teyana has a classic and simplistic look to it. The lines are simple and clean which goes well with the overall design of the recliner. The design would fit well in most of the living rooms. The Ox Blood Red color makes it a unique piece of furniture in any setting.

Christopher Knight Home 296603 Teyana Leather Recliner
Christopher Knight Home 296603 Teyana Leather Recliner

Compact dimensions

The traditional design ensures that it does fit into most of the spaces. There are no elaborate add-ons to the recliner, meaning that it would occupy lesser space. The structure is ideally suited to be placed either in a corner or it can be combined with other furniture. Any person up-to 6 feet can be easily accommodated in the recliner.

Easy to use mechanism

The leg rest of the recliner can be easily drawn up by operating the button provided at the side. There is no complex mechanism involved in it. Therefore, it can be easily operated by anyone. The mechanism also works flawlessly with a simple and smooth action. Sit back, pull the lever up and you have the recliner ready with the leg-rest. In case you want to recline, you just need to push back and the back seat reclines at the angle you intend to.

Firm seating

The cushioning used for the recliner is of firm seating. It is not too soft, for you to get enveloped in the cushion when seated. However, it is firm and sits in its place without sliding. The seat is on to the harder end when compared to other cushions.


  • Less expensive
  • Durable suede leather can take the toil of daily use
  • Light and easy to move around
  • Sturdy build to last long.
  • Easy to assemble with clear instructions provided


  • Has legs made of plastic that are not durable in the longer run?

Bottom line

This recliner is an ideal choice for anyone who is looking at a no-frills, yet elegant looking option. It does not have any complex mechanism and is a regular recliner you can have in your living space for relaxation. The plastic legs are a let off, for an otherwise great looking and sturdy piece of furniture. However, you can prolong the life of the legs by placing the sliders underneath, so that it is easier to move around and there is less friction on the legs. It is one of the best-rated recliners by consumers.

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2. New Classic Furniture Recliner (Cozy and comfortably seated recliner)

This recliner from Cortez is one of the most comfortable seating recliner options available in the market. The cushioned seating of the recliner is made up of memory foam. It not only offers greater comfort while seated, it also is durable and can absorb larger weights and pressure on it. You would get a cozy and comfortable feel once you sit on it. You can be seated for longer periods of time without any effects or pain to your body.

The memory foam ensures that the cushion offers very little resistance and does not feel hard on the body when relaxing. You can recline back and have long hours of sleep on the recliner.

New Classic Furniture 20-244-13-PBK Cortez Glider Recliner
New Classic Furniture 20-244-13-PBK Cortez Glider Recliner

Long lasting leather upholstery

A comfortable cushion would not be of much value if the cover is not of high quality. This recliner scores well even on this component. The upholstery is made of leather fusion with a combination of polyester and PU material. It has breathable leather which ensures a long life for the cushion covering. The leather covering would mean that any spills or marks can be cleaned off easily, enhancing the durability further.

Contemporary design

The design of the recliner has a contemporary look to it, which would fit well in most of the modern living spaces. The overall design is not only simple but also very compact, fitting into most of the living areas even with limited space. It is a traditional recliner that uses a simple mechanism to recline the back and a lever to open up the leg rest.

Durable coil cushioning

The cushion of the recliner is not only comfortable to sit, but it also is highly durable. The memory foam cushioning is supported by 64 pocket coil cushioning which can absorb any amount of weight and conveniently get back into normal position once anyone sitting gets off it. The coil action is smooth which does not produce any noise when anybody is seated, moves, or gets up from the recliner.


  • Simple to use mechanism
  • Less expensive when compared to other options with these features
  • Sturdy build frame
  • Total control with manual options


  • No additional features like charging, electric mechanism, etc

Bottom line

This recliner is one of the most comfortable recliner chair options. While it does not have any of the additional facilities found in the latest designs, it serves the basic purpose of relaxing and provides a comfortable seating option for a longer duration. With the price, it is an ideal and comfortable option for the living space.

3. RecPro Charles Collection Recliner (Stylish and compact design)

This recliner is your ideal companion on the go. The compact and lightweight design ensure that you can move it around easily and it can even fit into most of the compact spaces. So, even though you are far from home, you are not far from having a comfortable and relaxing seating option. The dimensions of the recliner are on the smaller end but could comfortably seat an individual up to 6 feet of height. The simplistic design makes up for a stylish finish. It takes only 3 inches of space from the wall, providing an option to fit into less space.

RecPro Charles Collection Recliner
RecPro Charles Collection Recliner

Comfortable seating

The cushioning of the recliner is well padded with soft material. It is not hard on your body and it can be seated upon for a longer duration of time without any pressure on the body. It comes with the option of having hand rests, which are also well padded and provides additional comfort while resting your hands on them. The leg rest extension as well as the headrest also has a comfortable padding option, providing a soft base to relax upon.

Sturdy build

The frame of the recliner is made up of metal, providing a sturdy and durable option that can sustain extensive usage and excess weight without damaging the recliner. The metal frame is also lightweight, fitting into the theme of the recliner being a compact and easy to move around option. The cushioning which comes in with the recliner is covered by Polyurethane material which adds to the durability of the recliner. This upholstery is easy to maintain.


  • Light weight and can be carried around easily.
  • Easy to assemble with simple tool kit.
  • Simple mechanism with lever
  • The additional soft hand rests


  • Does not have rock and swivel options

Bottom line

It is a good manual wall hugger recliner which would be an ideal option if you travel around and want a relaxing chair. Even if not for travel purpose, the chair would be a perfect choice when you have very less space. It only has a reclining option without any rocking or swivel features, but would perfectly work if you intend to fix it up at a corner.

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4. Coaster Home Furnishings Motion Sofa (Comfortable wall hugger recliner sofa)

The recliner sofa from Coaster is one of the best comfortable reclining options both from the perspective of space as well as cushion padding. The padding used in the cushions of the sofa has quality material which provides additional coziness as well as comfort when you are either sitting or lying down. Apart from it, the dimensions of this sofa are big and hence provide additional space to wiggle around or have couple of others to sit or relax with you conformable.

Coaster Home Furnishings Motion Sofa
Coaster Home Furnishings Motion Sofa

Solid Wooden built

The frame of the recliner sofa is made up of solid wood which is durable and lasts for a longer period. It can take up weight of nearly 800 lbs. without causing any damage to the wooden frame. 2-3 regular sized individuals can comfortably sit on the recliner sofa without worrying about the stability of it. The design allows for an even distribution of the weight across the sofa and the solid frame ensures that it does not trip, even when the weight is one side.

Smooth mechanism

This recliner sofa has a simple push back mechanism without the need for any lever or buttons to recline the back rest. The leg-rests open up with a simple functioning using the lever. It is a wall hugger recliner sofa and needs only 4 inches of space away from the wall. The whole operation of the recliner is easy without any snag even after regular usage.


  • Durable fabric upholstery
  • Easy maintenance, requiring minimal dusting and cleaning.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wall hugger – suited to be placed in small and tight spaces.


  • Heavier to move around
  • The recliner tends to slip unless the slip mats are placed.

Bottom line

It is one of the best reclining sofas available for the price. While the cushions are not of the top most quality, they do provide a comfortable feel as well as a good option to lie down for longer periods. There are sturdier options available in the market. However, this recliner sofa does well for individuals looking for a comfortable lounging option to hang out with others while watching TV or relaxing.

5. Electric Power Lift Recliner Massage Sofa (Multi-featured recliner sofa)

This is a fully loaded multi-feature recliner with most of the features that are sought after in a recliner. To start off, it is an electrical recliner, hence you can use power options for the movement of the recliner. It has options like charging ports, heating options, cup holders, etc. which are among the multiple features that this recliner chair has. The USB charging ports facilitate the charging of other electronic gadgets. The recliner also has cup holders on both hands, wherein you can keep beverages or other items while you are watching or relaxing.

Electric Power Lift Recliner Massage Sofa
Electric Power Lift Recliner Massage Sofa

Massaging options

The recliner doubles up as a massaging chair with its heating and vibration options. There are 8 different vibration modes in the chair, which provides for a soothing experience when you relax. Based on the severity of the pain or depending on the choice, you can comfortably shift between the different vibration modes. To top it up, there is a heating area around the waist part, which comes with 9 different modes and 5 intensity options. You can conveniently turn on and off, both the heating and vibration modes. They can be scheduled for specific time intervals of 10, 20, 30 minutes. The heating option can be turned on separately without switching the vibration mode.

Durable upholstery

The upholstery used for the recliner sofa is of high quality and is highly durable. It is made up of faux leather giving it a premium look. The finish is also neat. The advantage of a leather finish is that it is easy to maintain. Even if you happen to spill something on the recliner, it can be cleaned off easily. Both damp and wet cloth can be used for cleaning.


  • Power lift option with minimal manual effort.
  • Easy to use functionality
  • Side pockets for storage of small items within hand’s reach
  • Durably built for long and regular usage.
  • Affordable pricing


  • The motor is not long-lasting

Bottom line

It is one of the best power recliner options available. There can be issues in regard to the durability of the motor, however, it also depends on the way it is used. The two features of vibration and heating are easy to use and the modes are convenient to shift. For the price, the features do offer higher returns on the investment made.

6. Signature Design By Ashley Reclining Sofa (Deep cushioned spacious recliner)

The cushion of the recliner is made up of highly resilient foam. This foam is soft and offers additional comfort when seated or while lying on it. It is covered with upholstery made up of polyurethane and polyester blend which further adds up to the soft comfort that the recliner provides. It even provides the comfort of large spacing, with having ample space to seat 2-3 individuals quite comfortably. You can even relax on the cushion with the extended leg space. The headrests provided are adjustable which you can adjust as per different heights.

Signature Design by Ashley 7540715 Recliner
Signature Design by Ashley 7540715 Recliner

Power reclining

The recliner sofa has power option which works smoothly and efficiently. There is no manual effort needed to adjust the recliner and it totally runs on power by pressing a simple button. With one touch-power control, you can adjust the recliner in various positions. The headrests are also power controlled, that can be adjusted according to your comfort. The recliner also has power charging for charging of your electronic gadgets.

Modern design and look

The design follows a contemporary look, that makes it an ideal option for modern living spaces. The finishing of the cushions runs in simple lines blending well with other furniture. It is also good as a stand-alone piece of furniture. The polyethene gives a leather type look to the whole set adding up to the premium look of the recliner sofa. The backrest has a pattern design that enhances the overall look of the recliner sofa set.


  • Comes as an assembled piece
  • Easy to access storage option at the hand rests
  • Cup holders for beverages
  • Easy mechanism
  • Affordable price


  • The middle piece remains stationary and does not recline.

Bottom line

This modern recliner sofa provides comfort as well as additional features of storage, ideal for a lounge room to relax with others. While the build quality is not the best, it still is a decent recliner sofa without any specific drawbacks. It does provide more value for money and can be a durable option if handled with care. The mechanism is smooth and does not lag.

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7. Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa (Durable reclining sofa)

The recliner is a study and durable recliner option which has strong built as well as durable upholstery providing longer term durability. The upholstery is made up of premium microfiber, which not only provides the sofa with a great look but also is durable. It can survive excessive use without much wear and tear. The stuffing in the cushion padding can also survive continuous usage. The sturdy frame ensures that the sofa does not break down even after excessive weight or pressure applied on it.

Homelegance Laurelton Microfiber Double Reclining Sofa
Homelegance Laurelton Microfiber Double Reclining Sofa

Comfortable cushioning

The recliner is one of the most comfortable options. The seating area is quite comfortable with extra padded cushioning as well as soft premium microfiber surface. The arms are oversized with all the extra padding. This provides a comfortable option to rest the arms or double it up as a pillow while lying on the sofa. The backrest also has upholstery of soft microfiber fabric that provides comfort to the back. It prevents from any additional pressure on back, even after sitting for a longer period of time.

Simple mechanism

The mechanics of this recliner’s functioning are simple. It is a manual recliner with no power options. The level on the side helps to pull up the leg rest and the reclining option of the backrest is a simple push back. The middle part of the sofa stays intact, while the two parts on either end can be pushed back for reclining. The push back mechanism is sensitive and a simple nudge on the back will push the back rest. The functioning is smooth. The leg rests would go back to the previous position by simply pushing, thereby doubling up as a comfort chair.


  • Premium microfiber which lasts for a longer period.
  • Easy to assemble the back seat
  • Contemporary design that fits in well with modern living spaces.
  • Cupholders to hold beverages.


  • Needs larger space with at-least 8 inches away from walls.

Bottom line

This recliner ranks well on the best recliner sofa reviews because of its higher durability and simple maintenance. It is not a wall hugger and hence needs additional space when the back is reclined. However it is an ideal less priced option if you have people coming over to relax in your lounging area. It also fits in well with other furniture in the living room.

8. Merax Sofa Recliner Chair (Unique styled recliner)

The recliner offers a unique design, which is compact and adds a different look to your living space. With a blue fabric, the look is different from most of the recliners that are available in the market. It has a metal frame with metallic legs and is padded with soft foam. The design apart from being unique and elegant is also ergonomic ensuring that very less pressure is applied on your body. The design allows it to be placed in any corner with limited space or added to the existing furniture. It would ideally fit a contemporary designed modern space.

Merax Sofa Recliner Chair
Merax Sofa Recliner Chair

Comfort seating

The recliner has comfortable soft foam enveloping its metallic frame. The foam is of good quality providing comfort and support for seating and relaxation. The recliner’s mechanism is simple, and the back rest easily reclines without applying much pressure. The comfortable padded back rest ensures that the back has enough support when you are relaxing. The foot rest are also easy to be drawn up and are completely padded providing ample support and comfort for the legs to rest upon. The push-back reclining back and the foot extension provides comfortable seating as well as relaxation.

Study frame

From the looks, the recliner may appear to be more of a stylish piece of furniture, but the looks are backed by a sturdy metal frame. The metal frame is strong and durable. The frame is flexible to provide a comfortable back reclining options and come back to the natural seating position without any hassles. The frame can comfortably seat any person on the heavier end as well. The legs are made up of metal which adds on to the sturdiness and stability of the recliner chair.


  • Easy to mode around
  • Compact design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Dual function foot extension


  • Hassles with folding and unfolding

Bottom line

It is an ideal wall hugger recliner for small spaces, especially if you are in dearth of space both along the surface as well as vertically. It could be an ideal floor lounge option for your entertainment area or living room. Not the most comfortable of options in view of the compact size. It would be comfortable as an additional relaxing option when someone comes over for you or while watching something or just relaxing.

9. JC Home Wall Hugger Recliner (Space saving designed recliner)

This recliner saves the spaces with its wall hugger design. The overall look of the recliner is compact, and it only needs 4 inches of clearance from the wall. Therefore, even if there is not much of an open space available, you can place this recliner very close to the wall. The dimensions of this recliner are also compact while comfortably seating 6 feet individual. Apart from reclining, it requires less space for lift option as well. This is an ideal option to be placed in smaller apartment, condo or a hostel room.

JC Home Sabadell Wall-Hugger Power-Lift Recliner
JC Home Sabadell Wall-Hugger Power-Lift Recliner

Power control

The recliner works on power. The operation is easy without any complexity in the mechanism. The recliner has a power-lift mechanism, which facilitates easier option to get into the chair and get out of it. The power lift works smoothly without any effort. This is especially useful for older people or pregnant ladies, who could find it tough to get into the chair and get out of it – needing an additional support to lift themselves up. The power lift option does the work with this mechanism. The power control recliner also works efficiently.

Durable and comfortable seating

The cushions of the recliner are padded up with high density foam which makes it extra plushy to sit upon. This foam is supported by pocket coils, that can effectively absorb the weight of anyone sitting on it. The coils work well without the creation of any noise. These pocket coils are independently wrapped. The upholstery is made up on bonded leather and offers a smoother texture of the cushion on recliner.


  • Easy to maintain upholstery
  • Affordable price
  • Wheels facilitate easy movement of the recliner chair
  • Little assembly work required


  • Wired control, hence, needs to be near a power socket
  • The cushions tend to be slippery

Bottom line

This recliner from JC home is one of the best wall hugger recliners, if you are looking at a limited budget option which can fit in small space available. The dimensions are smaller and can comfortably fit into most of the spaces. One of the drawbacks is that it is corded and hence need to be near a power source. However since it is a wall hugger, it can be placed near a wall power socket as per the design of the room.

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10. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Recliner (Large and comfortable reclining option)

The recliner has larger dimensions which measures 35” in width, 40.5” in depth and 42.5”in the height, comfortably seating a large person. The seat can go up to 20” high and when completely reclined, it can reach 69 inches length. Many of the recliner chairs offer the advantage of saving up of the space but can be uncomfortable for larger sized individuals. However, this recliner chair would comfortably fit in most people, comfortably. While the dimensions are big, the design is such that it can be integrated well with other furniture.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Recliner
Ashley Furniture Signature Design Recliner

Plush seating

The cushions are thick with enough padding to comfortably sit and relax. The back is raised higher which gives a cushioned comfort to not only the back, but also for the neck and the head when seated in an upright position. The back seat and the arm rests are padded well for a softer feel. The upholstery is made up of Poly fiber, which gives the impression of leather. It has a very soft feeling to it. The seat is reinforced with metal making the chair more stable and durable.

Easy power mechanism

The recliner has a power lift which makes it easy to get into the chair and to get out of it. The power lift is backed by dual motor, providing it with extra reliability and power options. A simple touch button mechanism operates the power lift and ensures a comfortable lounging experience on the chair.


  • Black upholstery that blends well with other furniture
  • Easy assembly with minimal tools
  • Sturdy blocked frame
  • Easy to maintain upholstery


  • Power cord is not easy to access

Bottom line

It is one of the best recliners for a relatively larger space. The cushion and the padding is quite comfortable providing option to relax for a longer period of time. The power cord limits the placement of the recliner, but it can be placed strategically closer to the power socket. The movement is easy, wherein you can comfortably charge it and move to a different desired position.

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Buying guide to select the best Recliners in 2023

With all these various options available, it does seem to be a confusing proposition to be able to identify a recliner that meets your specifications. However, with a bit of understanding, you would be equipped to cut through all the options and choose the right one for you.

One of the key aspects to remember before buying a recliner is to first understand the requirement you have. If you understand the exact purpose of buying a recliner, your task is half done with the effort now needed is to identify the one which matches the purpose.

There are various factors that you need to think about while making the decision. Having answers to few key questions should keep you in good stead in buying a good recliner.

1. What is the look of your room?

A variety of models and designs are available in recliners which would fit into any ambiance. If your room has more of a traditional look, you can opt for recliner options which would complement well with that look. On the other hand, there are recliners available which would go well with a modern look that you might have for your room. With all the options available, it would not make much sense if you settle in for a recliner that does not go well with the look of your room.

2. What is your budget limit?

Recliners come with various comfort options and interesting mechanisms that you might find impressive. However, many of these features might not be needed for you and could push your budget higher. Hence, determine on the amount of money you are willing to pay for a recliner. It is a good practice to have some buffer in case you need to go beyond the budget for a recliner which would ideally suit your requirement. However, check for those options which come within your budget and meet the requirement you specifically need. Having a budget determined will help you in not going overboard and in making the right choice. The fabric used, mechanism and the build of the frame are few of the aspects which influence the price of the recliner.

3. Who would be using it?

Recliners are very close for customized use. The dimensions of the recliner should match with the size of the person using the recliner more often. Else, the recliner could be either too small or too big. This does not allow for the optimum utilization of the recliner, especially with the headrests, back seats and leg supports.

4. Does your room have enough space?

Having a recliner does offer great comfort for your living and relaxing space, but it could cause problems if you do not have enough space to fit in the recliner. Measure the space available, and based on that you can seek a recliner that has dimensions that would fit in. Few of the aspects you need to consider are: the dimensions prior to reclining and the dimensions after reclining, the position of the recliner, the proximity to the wall etc.

Once the answers for these questions are identified, you would have a fair understanding of the recliner you need to buy. As discussed, there are various models of recliners that cater to specific needs. Here are a few of the features that you can look out in the recliners while shopping for one.

  • Swivel base: Recliners with this base provide the feasibility of pivoting around in any direction. This allows the comfort of conversation with multiple people without straining yourself.
  • Rocker Base: As the name suggests, this feature of the recliner allows you to have a rock. This is especially ideal for mothers with small babies or for anyone who has trouble sleeping. The rocking movement of the recliner provides additional relaxation.
  • Massage option: This option provides a message while relaxing on the recliner. There are various types of messages that are built-in within the recliner, which can be accessed by a mere push of a button. This would be an ideal option for someone with joint or muscle pains, or for someone who has a lot of stress.
  • Wall hugger: This feature of the recliner provides the feasibility of keeping the recliner near to your wall. This is especially useful when you have very less space.
  • Flat out: This feature enables to place the recliner in a flat position, which makes it an ideal option to sleep.
  • Bigger dimensions: Apart from the regular dimensions, there are recliners that are built-in with bigger dimensions, which are more comfortable for larger people.
  • Power options: These recliners avoid the manual effort, with the built-in power system allowing for the required movement with the press of a button.
  • Built-in features: Apart from the regular features that are available in a recliner, few recliners come with additional features like- charging option, cup holders etc.

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Types of Recliners:

Most of the recliners that are available in the market can be broadly categorized into three different types. Of-course, there would be recliners whose design and utility cannot be categorized into any of these types.

1. Traditional recliner:

These recliners have the original design, with a typical two-position option. In these recliners, you can find a footrest that can be opened up allowing you to recline completely. There are various fabric options used for the upholstery of the traditional recliners, with leather being one of the most sought out options. In few cases, vinyl is used to cover the internal parts making them more cost-effective. One of the major drawbacks of these recliners is the limited number of style and design options.

2. Rock Recliners:

These recliners are the most popular options with a wide variety of styles, which provide the feasibility of reclining in multiple ways. The mechanism allows a rocking motion while you are seated in the recliner. Few of the recliner models have the “Wall hugging” option which can be placed close to a wall, making them an ideal options for smaller spaces. Leather is one of the most popular fabrics that is used in the making of these recliners.

These recliners have multiple benefits when compared to the traditional options – a wide variety of design & styles, various handle options, multiple angles for reclining, compact designs for smaller spaces etc. This recliners-however tend to be a bit costlier than the traditional options. Sometimes all the mechanism that is available in the recliner, makes it a bit of a challenge to manage the movement into different reclining positions.

3. Pushback recliner:

These recliners have the option of reclining the back. They generally do not have the flexible footrest, therefore an ottoman becomes the option to layout legs. One of the advantages of these types of recliners is the sleek design options that are available. These recliners tend to be costlier options. They generally have a pushback mechanism which is not automatic. They aren’t the ideal option for out-out reclining but are more suited to be part of the furniture, where you can recline to a limited angle.

Before you make the final choice of the recliner, here are a few quick tips apart from all the specifications that are already provided.

  • Have a clear understanding of all the features that are provided in the recliner you intend to buy. These days, the recliners come with a wide variety of options like – massagers, built-in charging ports, heaters, entertainment devices etc. Review and check out what is needed for you and those options that you can do away with. If you do not intend to use any of the features, you can go for another model which would be more cost-effective.
  • If you have an option, go for testing the recliner. Ensure that you sit in and check all the options.
  • The fabric is a key component in the choice of the recliner. Leather is the most used option, while also being the costlier one. The advantage of leather upholstery, apart from the fact that it looks great is that it is easier to clean and maintain it when compared to other fabrics. If budget is a limitation, there are options like microfiber and suede.

With this information, you can now make an informed choice while finalizing the recliner as per your specific requirement.

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1. What is a wall hugger recliner?

A wall hugger recliner would need less space away from the wall even after reclining it to the larger extant. Few of the recliners can be placed as close as 3-4 inches to the wall. These recliners are ideal for small spaces and apartments.

2. What are the standard recliner dimensions?

A recliner is more about individual comfort and hence the dimensions vary depending upon the size of the available space and the size of the individual who would be mostly using it.

3. What is a manual recliner?

This recliner does not have any power controls and works manually. They traditionally have a lever mechanism for the leg rests and a push back option for the backrest to recline.

4. What type of fabric is the best option?

The choice of fabric would vary on the price. Leather is one of the costlier but the best options. The other choices of fabrics are microfiber, PU leather, polyester, polyurethane, etc.

5. What is the power lift option?

The power lift function works with electric power, where the recliner chair can be lifted and tilted to an extent making it easier to get into and get out of the chair.

Wrapping Up

This is the list of what we consider to be the 10 best recliners. We have detailed our observations regarding each of these recliners along with what we consider to be their best features and those we thought that can be better. However as highlighted, a recliner is a customized option that needs to fit into the requirement of the individual using it the most. Hence, we recommend taking these considerations as a base and check out for options that are in -line with your specific requirements and within your budget limits. The buyer’s guide that we have compiled should be able to assist on this effort.

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