You Thought You Knew How To Sit On A Couch With Good Posture

Many of us think we know how to sit on a couch with good posture. But do we? In fact, most of us turn out damaging our backbone just by sitting for long periods on our couch. Check out this article to find out if you really know how to sit on a couch or if you have to improve something about your sitting posture.

With the huge impact of technology and the different developments in life, our planet can be considered as a one hectic roller-coaster ride. This is why our homes are considered as the getaways from all the tension built up from life.

Statistics are not needed to state that 100% of humans spend time daily on their couch. This time is used for resting, chilling, working, or even for straight sitting.

With a huge part of the day is spent on the couch, have you ever considered that the couch might be adding to your tension?

How is that even possible? This can be easily explained through the title “Good Posture”! Studies have shown that almost 100 million Americans are affected by using the couch with a bad posture that is not healthy for the body.

This is a major reason for most of the chronic lower back pains that affect people. Today we are going to understand how to sit on the couch with lower back pains or using the sofa with good posture generally.

You will learn how to sit on the couch!

However, we have good news for you! These diseases rising up from bad posture and unhealthy use of the couch can be decreased or even eliminated by just a few simple steps. These steps are the key to having a good posture that will aid you in relaxing and prevent any bad habits.

There are many different methods that you could use to help you always remember your posture. Furthermore, having a good posture will not only prevent chronic diseases but will also have a positive effect on your body.

Don’t worry about how to sit on the couch with good posture anymore.

In this article, you will get a good background on the different problems that may arise from bad posture or using the couch in the wrong way. The many different things that you have always felt, without an explanation, will finally be known for you.
You will also get to know the secrets behind making the couch more friendly and using it to your advantage. By following our tips and tricks, you will believe that we used magic to cure your pains!

Learn how to sit on the couch with lower back pain.

The couch is generally considered as a friendly product as it helps you in chilling and relaxing. Sofas nowadays are even made in a way, making it as comfortable and soft as possible. However, how can such a fulfilling product be harmful?

Statistics show that most lower back pain problems arise from the bad posture on couches. In addition, most of the neck pains can be from the wrong usage of the couch or long term use. The following list explains a few of the disadvantages to your body due to bad posture on the sofa:

poor positioned backbone

1. Poor Positioned Backbone: The frequent use of couches in a bad posture will push your body to have a permanent unwanted pose. According to The International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, people spend an average of nine hours daily on the couch.

If you spend these whole nine hours with a bad posture, then definitely your backbone will get used to the posture and will weaken your whole stem system. This new posture will be the start point of all pains that will arise in your back!

muscle & joints pain

2. Joints and Muscle Pain: One of the most common chronic pains is lower back pain. Bad posture is directly proportional to that kind of pain; the more you are on a bad posture, the higher the chance for you to expect lower back pains. You know exactly how bad that pain is, we all do!

heart disease

3. Heart Disease: Yes, you read that right; heart diseases! If you don’t know how to sit on the couch with good posture you will start affecting your heart. The bad posture affects the movement of your blood through your body.
This in turn amends the amount of oxygen reaching your body parts which will directly affect your heart. I don’t think we have to explain more but you seriously need your heart to live!

4. Mood Swings: Imagine that bad posture will also affect your psychological state? We are not making this up! Psychologists found out that bad posture while sitting on a sofa will give you mood swings.

Are you intrigued yet? Well, you should be! However, you shouldn’t worry, as we have all the solutions for you to change your lifestyle and avoid all the hardships stated above. Just sit back (with a good posture), relax, and let’s start changing your bad habits!

There is a way to sit on the couch with a good posture.

Let’s start being more positive and discuss the things you can do to change your lifestyle. If you don’t know how to sit on a couch with good posture, then this part is definitely for you. When we state the term “Good Posture”, we know that the first image that comes to mind is a ninety-degree angle with the couch.

Oh God; this virtual image itself causes back pain! You’re lucky though, as we are going to discuss the everyday used seating positions but with a new tip that will change it from good to better. Let’s look at what we have stored for you:

stretch sitting

Stretch Sitting

This is the most common sitting position that everyone worldwide follows. This is the resting and relaxing position for all of us. It is when you put your legs up on the couch and just stretch them in front of you. You’re almost sleeping on your back, but you have your back upright with a tilt. This position is mainly how we sit while watching tv or using the laptop.

As comfortable as this explanation might sound, this position is a huge reason why you have lower back pain. This position can be made more friendly by simply trying to position your back in a more upright position. We are not talking about a ninety-degree position, but rather a smaller curve for your back.
This can be easily achieved by adding more pillows behind you. Soft and cushy pillows will help get your backbone in a better form while still maintain a comfortable feel. The goal is to not stretch your back too much but rather have your shoulders and spine on a straight level.

edge sitting

Edge Sitting

When we speak about back pain, using this position in a wrong way puts the pain in “back pain”! This position in particular is the one you frequently use when you’re using a table in front of you. This is when you sit on the edge and lean forward towards the table for eating, using your laptop, or even when you get into a very intense argument.

For this position, in particular, spending most of your time leaning forward causes many back pains. This position is the main reason why you need to learn how to sit on your sofa with a good posture. While using this posture in particular, you should focus on having a straight spine.

You can easily notice if you’re not sitting in a proper manner by checking your leg’s positioning. If your knees are getting higher towards your chest then you should definitely start to extended more. Your knees should be parallel to the ground to prevent the anchoring of your back.

reclined sitting position


Another common position which is usually used in an unhealthy way is the reclined position. This is exactly as the stretch sitting position but with your back perpendicular to your body. When using this posture, we tend to have our back pain tilted ruining the straight spine.

This is a cause of chronic upper back pain which is one of the most intense pains out there. To be able to prevent this pain from happening, you should start by looking for a solid wall to rest your back too.

Having your back as straight as possible is the key here, while still having your legs stretched for relaxation purposes. Another main key is to have space for your bottom to fit right under you rather than protruded to the front.

good sitting posture

This is how to sit on the couch with a good posture.

Let’s understand that these poses are a way to prevent back pains and other bad effects on you. However, the magic would be for a bright side to take place. Following the steps shown above will give directly affect your mood, productivity, and pro-activity.

No, we are not making this up; this is not fake propaganda! Having an upright back and a healthy good posture will affect your psychological self in a positive way. It will keep your mood better and this in turn helps you be more productive.
The chances of getting lazy will decrease and your output will be much better. Furthermore, this better lifestyle will change yours from being a potato couch to a fully active person with better blood circulation and all your stress relieved as intended to do.

You Are Ready To try the couch with a good posture.

In conclusion, having a good posture is something tackled by humans frequently ever since computers have gone commercial. Being able to achieve a healthier posture without affecting your comfort zone is what we care about.

By following these steps, you will find the best sitting position for your lower back and learn how to sit on a couch with good posture. This is a guide that will help you enjoy your relaxation time on your couch to new levels. If you thought your couch is precious and comfy, try it now with your new knowledge and check what you have been missing out on.

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