How To Turn A Sectional Into A Couch- Step By Step Guide

If you strive for some ideas to revamp your living room, you are just in the right place. The living room is the most utilized area of your dwelling.

There are some times when you need a couch, but all you have is a sectional sofa. And then you think, is there a way to turn my sectional sofa into a couch? The answer is: yes, there is. Here’s the step by step guide for you on how to turn a sectional into a couch, saving your money & space in your living room. These steps will also work if you own a reclining sectional.

TVs, sofas, and coffee tables are the standard monotonous furnishings in every other living room. It’s the first thought when you think of designing your living room, and all these furniture pieces are all placed together in a long queue.

Amongst the furniture pieces mentioned above, your sofa is the most space-occupying piece. And just a random arrangement of your sofa can give a crowded look to your living, and visual congestion to your guests. So proper placement of the couch is a must.

Well, there are tons of options available to give your seating arrangements a transformation, as breaking the inherent pattern and rearranging can make more efficient use of the space.

If you already have a sectional sofa set that gives your living room a crowded look, then without any thoughts, you can convert your sectional sofa set into comfy, cosy, and classy Couches.

Different Ways To Arrange A Sectional

The living room is generally the main area for hospitality, and the utilization rate of this room is extremely high. The decor of your living room reflects the taste of the owner.

Mostly the sectional sofas are L-shaped that can run through the boundary walls of your living room and are kept in corners to utilize space efficiently.
There are many different ways to arrange a sectional. If you want to change the corner of the sofa, it can still be disassembled and reassembled.
If you have enough living room area, you can also try the U-shaped or curved sectional seating arrangements. This kind of enclosed layout won’t pile the sofas together.

It will spread them out so that the interior doesn’t look crowded, and will give a more open and spacious look.

It can be matched with some throw cushions, color contrasting rugs through its armrests, and create any of your desired looks. This will give your living area a modular look and be an excellent place to lay down on no-work lazy days. Well, you can say that adding a sectional sofa in your living room will look like a living area but comforts like your bedroom.

How To Turn A Sectional Into A Couch

Couches come in very different ways and styles, and the couches that come in joined seating are commonly known as sectional. The sofa’s arrangement rather than a sectional seating sofa fully meets the needs of comfort and makes the interior more open and vivid

How To Shorten A Sectional Couch

Splitting your sectional couch and arranging them around saves most of the living room space and makes the room more spacious by giving you a sense of visual transparency

A sectional sofa turned into a couch by using the following steps:

Step 1: The first thing is to remove the cushions and additional covers, if any, which may affect the process of splitting the sectional couch, then look for the sides and areas where the single pieces of sofas are connected, maybe from the left or right side, perhaps from the bottom hooks, and more.

Step 2: After figuring out the related areas, the next you will do is look for some screwdrivers or hook openers to disjoin your sectional sofa’s pieces.

shorten a sectional couch

Step 3: Then find a handle or a hold to lift the seat as different sectional seating are joined with different settings so you may have to use a screwdriver to unhook it, or you may have to slide the clasps accordingly to separate the sections.

lift sectional seats

Ensure that the corners or the side attached to the seat to unhook it well, as you don’t want to increase your expenses by ripping the fabric.

Step 4: Following the third step, now is the time to remove the snap connectors from your sofa seats. Snap connectors are usually underneath the sofas, and the user can easily remove them without any difficulty or tools.

Step 5: Now slide the connector pins and separate all the seats. If you have a larger seat, then you can use it as an oversized couch and other relatively small as the corner couches are arranged beside each other.

Step 6: Leave some spaces between your split seats, the arrangement of these couches should be in the center of the living to give a new and modernized look, and in this way, you found different ways to arrange a sectional and how to shorten your sectional couch.

Sectional In Small Living Room

sectional layout in small living room

When you are considering the layout of the living room sofa, what factors should you consider?

The size of the living room (how much space is left after excluding the table and shelves in the living room), the positional relationship between the living room and other areas, the number of people living in the house, the sitting and sleeping habits of your family, the frequency and number of visitors. The following specifications are things you have to consider.

The living room area and the positional relationship with other spaces determine the sofa’s position, its direction and define the upper limit of the couch’s length and width (mainly size).

When the sectional sofa is placed at the corners making the L-shaped seating, it makes your living area look organized and modular.

Suppose your living area is not very spacious. In that case, you can still arrange a sectional in a small living room by placing the 2+1+1 seating arrangement. This form of a linear sofa + seat makes people feel comfortable. Even occasionally, many friends visit the house as guests and to avoid the embarrassment of having no seats. You can choose some adjustable seats.

Corner Type Arrangements– The sofa is placed along the corner of the wall to form an open communication space, facilitating mutual communication and is more suitable for a square living room. It is recommended to buy another movable sofa to enrich the living room’s communication space and enhance its functions. It includes four people sitting in the corner, two people sitting in the corner, or four people sitting in the corner, plus a two-person sofa.

sectional corner layout

Another best way to arrange a sectional in a small living room is by shortening it, but how to properly organize a sectional couch and divide your seating arrangement in 3+1+0.5 could be a creative solution.
“3+1+0.5” is undoubtedly a very flexible way to arrange your seating in the living room.

Splitting A Sectional Couch

sectional sofa splitting

You can also vacate the corner and place a corner table and chair to create a simple work and study area, which is beautiful and does not take up space, significantly improving space utilization.

Folding or wheeled furniture can save space and is convenient when changing the look of your home. For example, a small bookcase with casters can be placed in the study room at ordinary times. When three or five friends meet up, we will push it into the living room as a temporary small wine cabinet.

The fancy two-side tables, next to the sofa, have casters that can be used as a dining table together & placed on both sides of the couch when not in use. (It is said that tables and chairs with casters can reduce people’s dining area requirements.)
You don’t have to stick to the spatial structure. After all the furniture is counted, re-planned, and can be reassembled, it is like recharging the lacklustre home.

How To Reverse A Sectional Sofa

Change The Sofa Cover/Fabrics

To give you a sectional sofa a transformation, the easiest, faster, practical, and the most cost-effective way is changing a sofa cover. Different home furnishing fabrics can create an infinite space style. As long as you spend a little more ingenuity, you can make the home feel very different.

In addition to the usual sofa covers, prepare an extra sofa cover to update the home furnishing at any time. There are many choices for the texture of sofa covers, such as leisurely cotton covers, luxurious velvet or silk covers, and elegant leather covers.
After deciding on the sofa cover color, remember that the color of the cushion and recliner covers must be in similar tones.

Play With Colours

Bold colors are eye-catching and can be used in small amounts. Focusing on layouts, using a primary color as the base tone, matching dark tones, or playing with color contrasts such as red and green, or creating the trendy ombre effects for your sofa covers and cushions, would positively revamp the old look. Choose modern styles with simple lines for living room furniture to reduce visual expansion. Following is the picture showing ombre effects for your sofa.
The use of the color-contrasting sofa makes the original stable display way full of vitality.

Different ways to arrange a sectional sofa, such as a free combination of sofas, chairs, and coffee tables of various materials and styles, make space show a natural vintage style.

The sofa’s symmetrical placement makes the lower part of the space appear very stable, eliminating the instability of the space caused by the inclined roof.

Giving modifications to your home is essential, not only for the sake of guests but also to uplift your mood. In the article, we discussed a few ways to Give your living area a refurbished look. By turning your sectional into a couch, figure out different ways to arrange sectional, by splitting a sectional or reversing a sectional, as the shortened sectional couch is in style

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