The Christmas tree is light and up

Two weeks ago, our Christmas tree at home is up.  I set it up while the kids are sleeping because when they around, I won’t be able to finish it.  Just like the previous years, the kids were surprised when they woke up in the morning and saw the Christmas tree in the living room.  And as always, thier lips are pouting for they wanted to help putting up the tree, but I did it all by myself.  I am used to it, and their pouting lips are no effect to me.  When they are older, I will be the one telling them to set up the Christmas tree at home.

However, the Christmas lights are no longer working.  Wires are broken, I do not know why.  I have keep it safe in the box.  I have to buy new lights for the Christmas tree and lights to put outside the house.  When the kids saw the tree, they are looking for the lights because they want to light up the tree but was not able to for the old lights are broken.  I have contacted the older brother who is electirician, if he could fix it but instead, told me to buy new one.  I am sad because the lights was bought just last year.  But to be safe, I need to buy new one.  Good thing the older brother gave me money.  Our tree is up and light now.  Thank you brother.

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Becoming a techie father

My father is not the techie.  He is not into social media and other stuff concerning the social media.  But because of his friends who have accounts on Facebook and active in social, he is eager to know about Facebook. He is a member of a certain group and most of their pictures when they have activities is shared on Facebook.  That is why he wants to buy the android phone and make the account on Facebook.  He wanted me to make him account on Facebook, but I refused because I do not have enough patience teaching.  My father is 70 years old, and teaching him will take time.  Don’t think that I am a bad daughter, just that he is too old for that.

With the help of my niece, his granddaughter, my father has the Facebook account now using her phone.  He has friends already and saw some pictures posted on Facebook.  And last week, my father finally bought an android phone.  I accompany him buying his phone because he wants me to pick a phone for him.  I picked a budget-friendly and user-friendly phone so my father not having a hard time operating it.  So far, he is enjoying his new phone and enjoying the downloaded games.  My father is happy with his new phone.  He bothers me sometimes, but it is fine because he is learning little by little.

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The perfect car for the family

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It has become the family’s tradition to have our family getaway twice a year.  This is the family’s way of spending time together, bonding, and unwinding after the busy days at work.  When we have our family getaway, we just rented a car for two days to take us to the place we want to go.  This is the reason why my father is so eager to buy a car for the family.  It is one of his dreams to have after paying the house in full.  However, due to some circumstances,  my father has to set aside the plans of buying a car.  The perfect time for us to have our own car will come one day.

True enough, the perfect time has come.  My father is now looking for a car for the family.  He has been researching of a nice, affordable and perfect car for the family.  After thorough research, my father finally found one at  I must say that this is the right website to go when planning to buy a car.  It has a wide selection of affordable and really nice cars.  They have all the information you needed in purchasing.  They also have budget friendly cars.  There is nothing more you could ask for.  My father found the perfect car for the family with the help of this website.

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Booked for plane ticket online

Because of the important matter, my older brother has to go to the province of my parents in Bohol, Philippines.  Since my mother is dead years ago and my father can’t travel because of his weak condition, my older brother will go as representative.  It was so abrupt and the brother has to go back right away because of his work, we decided to book a plane ticket.  I tried to travel agencies to book a ticket but have not found a promo ticket.  I decided to try to look for a promo online.  I have not found promo ticket but I found a flight that is not so expensive and it is a direct flight from Davao City to Tagbilaran, Bohol.  Others are connecting flight.  I booked a ticket right away for it has four remaining seats only.

It was my first time to book a plane ticket online and I like it. I do not have to go to travel agency anymore.  It is hassle-free and I can find/look for different flights online.  Thankful that my sister has the credit card that we used to book a plane ticket for my brother.  Tomorrow is my brother’s flight.  Have a safe flight brother and God bless you!

I will surely book a ticket again online and will find a promo so that family can have vacationed in other parts of the country at lesser fare expenses.

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The mouse stops working

A few days ago, my mouse fell on the floor because my nephews are playing in my room.  The four-year-old nephew jumping on the bed and accidentally hit the mouse that is on the top of my computer table beside my bed.  I get angry at the oldest niece because I always told them to not play jumping on my bed.  The right side of the mouse slightly opens and I tried to fix it.  I am glad that after fixing it the mouse still functioning.  However, last night when I am doing my online routine, the mouse just stops working. I have tried to fix it myself but this time it does not work.  My gracious, I do not have extra to buy the new one.

I am sad because I do not have the extra mouse, and I am not comfortable using a touchpad.  I can have finished my online routine fast using the mouse.  But now that I do not have the mouse, it will be difficult for me to do my online routine.  I am glad that my sister in on leave.  I borrowed her mouse for the meantime since it is her son who broke my, I also asked the sister if I could borrow money too so I can buy the new mouse for my laptop.  I am still waiting for her answer till now.  I should have asked her to give to me her mouse then.haha!

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