How to Remove Nail Glue From Furniture in 7 Easy Steps

Nail glue is a type of strong gum specifically designed for attaching artificial nails. It is commonly used in the beauty and nail care fields. But nail glue accidents with furniture are nothing new. Unfortunately, nail glue can fall on the furniture when you use it nearby. And it can be stubborn.

But don’t panic; we have the solutions. We discussed the matter of how to remove nail glue from furniture in some easy steps. From wood to metal, fabric, and other materials commonly found in furniture, we’ll cover suitable techniques that will help.

No matter how sticky the situation you face, armed with the right tools, methods, and a gentle touch, you can say goodbye to unsightly nail glue stains without causing any damage.

Understanding Nail Glue on Furniture:

Nail glue on furniture surfaces can be a stubborn and unsightly problem. Nail glue typically dries quickly and forms a strong bond, making it difficult to remove without proper techniques. The sticky’s composition may vary, but it usually contains cyanoacrylate, a fast-acting bonding agent that hardens when exposed to air.

nail glue

Different furniture materials react differently to nail glue, necessitating suitable approaches for safe removal. For example, wood may be sensitive to certain solvents, while fabrics may require gentle cleaning methods to avoid staining.

Necessary Tools to Remove Nail Glue from Furniture:

Removing nail glue from furniture requires some specific tools and materials. First, you have to gather them. Different furniture materials may need a slightly different approach. But the tools you may need are:

1. Acetone or Nail Polish Remover:

Take an acetone-based nail-polish remover without added color or fragrance.


2. Cotton Swab:

It will be used to apply acetone to the affected area.

cotton swab

3. Plastic Scraper or Credit Card:

A plastic scraper or an old credit card is used to gently scrape the softened nail glue without scratching the furniture surface.

plastic scraper

4. Soft Cloths or Paper Towels:

A soft cloth or a paper towel is used to wipe off excess acetone and residue.

paper towel

5. Mild Soap:

Mild soap will help remove excess residue after removing nail glue from the surface.

mild soap

6. Warm and Clean Water:

It is used to make the mixture for mild soap.

7. Rubbing Alcohol:

You can use rubbing alcohol as an alternative to acetone. It is safe for the furniture.

rubbing alcohol

8. Beeswax or Furniture Polish:

After all, you can use beeswax or furniture polish on the area where glue existed.

furniture wax

How to Remove Nail Glue from Furniture? 7 Steps to Follow:

After gathering the right tools, you can start the operation to remove nail glue from the furniture. You have to maintain the sequence. Here is the sequence for cleaning nail glue from furniture:

Step 1: Use Acetone or Rubbing Alcohol-

Apply the acetone-based nail polish or rubbing alcohol to the surface where the nail glue exists. Apply it according to the amount of glue there. Before that, test the acetone in an inconspicuous or hidden area for safety.

Step 2: Spread the Acetone-

Take some cotton swabs. Gently rub and spread the acetone over the glue. This will soften the nail glue and make it easy to remove it from the furniture’s surface.

Step 3: Use a Plastic Scraper or Credit Card-

After making it soften by applying acetone or rubbing alcohol, take an old credit card or plastic scraper and scrape away the softened nail glue. Be gentle and don’t scratch the surface of the furniture.

scraping nail glue off furniture

Step 4: Wipe Off the Surface-

With a soft cloth or paper towel, wipe off the surface after removing the glue with a plastic scraper.

wiping nail glue off furniture

Step 5: Use a Mild Soap Solution-

Make a solution with mild soap and warm water. Dampen another clean cloth with soapy water and wring out the surface to remove existing residue.

Step 6: Allow Natural Drying-

Let the surface dry naturally. Or you can use a fan or natural ventilation. Don’t place it in direct sunlight, as it can damage the furniture’s wood and fabric.

Step 7: Use Beeswax or Furniture Polish-

Finally, you can use beeswax or furniture polish on the surface to make it shiny. Beeswax enhances wood’s beauty. Furniture polish adds an extra layer and protects the wood from various damages.

applying furniture polish

Other Ways to Remove Nail Glue from Furniture-

There are several other ways to get nail glue out of furniture. If you are unable to use the methods given above, you can use the methods given below:

1. Vinegar Solution:

Mix equal parts of white vinegar and clean water to make a solution. Dampen a clean cloth with the solution and gently dab the surface where the glue exists. Let it sit for a minute, then gently scrape it off.

2. Olive Oil or Cooking Oil:

You can use olive oil or cooking oil to remove nail glue. Apply a small amount of any of these oils to the nail glue. Let it sit for some time to soften the glue. Then gently wipe it off with a cloth.

3. Commercial Glue Remover:

Apply the glue remover directly to the glue using a cotton swab or brush. Let the remover sit on the glue properly. After some time, remove the softened glue with a credit card or a plastic scraper. Be careful not to scrape furniture surfaces.

Important Tips Keep in Mind:

Cleaning nail glue from furniture can be challenging, but with the proper tools and methods, you can easily clean it off your furniture. And it is also important to remember some cautions while getting nail glue out of the furniture. Here are some important tips you have to keep in mind:

Always remember to make a spot test of cleaning solution and acetone or rubbing alcohol in a small, inconspicuous, or hidden area first to check that it doesn’t damage your furniture.

  1. Always use clean water, clean clothes, or clean paper towels.
  2. Apply gentle technics, especially on delicate surfaces.
  3. Avoid harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia, as they are strong enough to damage wood or fabric.
  4. Allow a natural drying system. Don’t use direct sunlight, a hair dryer, or a heat gun. It can damage the wood or fabric.
  5. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using any furniture polish or commercial cleaners.
  6. If you are still unable to remove nail glue from your furniture, call a professional.


Removing nail glue from furniture is a tricky task, but it can be done properly. In your journey to remove nail glue from furniture, remember that patience, caution, and the right techniques are key. Whether you choose acetone, beeswax, or a commercial adhesive remover, always start with a test in an inconspicuous area. Take your time, follow instructions, and work gently to avoid damaging the furniture surface. Once the nail glue is gone, a final touch of cleaning and protection will restore your furniture’s beauty.

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