Need a new washing machine with dryer

Our 30 years old washing machine does not look good.  It is asking for a replacement.  It is still working well except the dryer.  The dryer retired months ago.  But if you are to look at our washing machine you will feel bad and pity.  It broke once, but the technician fixed it well.  That is why it is still in service to us for three decades.  Lately, the drain part of the washing machine is not functioning.  The water drains even if I did not switch the drain.  The water will go directly to the dryer.  And the body of the washing machine has lots of rust. The washing machine is retiring.  If the machine could talk, it will probably say, enough!  But I talked to the washing machine to bare with for now.

I went to the supermarket last week and looking for a nice washing machine with dryer.  I need to buy the new one because the condition of the old one is not good.  I am afraid that it will explode anytime.  I am scared of the wiring especially that rust under the machine.  Anyways, I found a nice one at the supermarket  I went the other day, but will still looking for another brand soon and decide afterward.  I have to find the good quality product and budget-friendly.  I have to make sure that it will last longer just like our old washing machine.

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Back to hand wash

Our washing machine is 23 years old already.  It serves us for more than two decades.  It helps me a lot in doing my laundry because I do not need to handwash the jeans, bed sheets, and curtain.  Plus it has a spin dryer, so my laundry gets dry fast.  The washing machine lasted this long because I do not overused it too.  I only used it twice a week and never forgot to clean it after using.  But when my brother and his family moved in the house, the service of our washing machine is doubled.  I am not blaming them though because 23 years is more than enough.  The washing machine is now retired and will rest soon.

Because our washing is retired, I am afraid I have to go back to basic.  I have to do hand wash doing my laundry.  Thinking about it makes me want to cry because washing the jeans, curtain and bed sheets by hand won’t be easy.  I will see the wound in my wrist again like before.  I talked to my father about buying new washing machine but he said no.  Makes me want to cry harder and louder.  But I will never stop asking my father to buy a new washing machine.  I hope he will say yes before the old washing machine will be retired totally.  Crossing my fingers again!

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Hope the brother can fix it

Today, I am doing my laundry because I want to take a rest on Saturday. I have loads of laundry to do. So even if I am not feeling really well, I still do the laundry with the help of our 17 years old washing machine. Very old, right? It has been in service for a very long time now and it is still useful. But today while in the middle of doing my laundry, I feel that the washing machine is making a sound. And the water is draining even if I did not switch it to drain mode. I guess the washing machine is tired and will soon retire.

I have told the brother who is an electrician about the problem of the washing machine. He will check it on Sunday to see if he can fix it or we need to buy new washing machine. I do hope it can be fixed because we do not have money to buy new one for now. We are on a tight budget. It is really difficult to do the laundry without washing machine especially doing the jeans, curtains, bed sheets, blankets and towel. Though I am used to hand wash, but with loads of it, I need the help of the washing machine. Hope the washing machine still works until such time we have budget to buy new one.

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Because the washing machine is busted

The timing is not so perfect for me.  I am planning to the laundry but when I went to the laundry area, the brother told me that the washing machine is busted.  OMG!  I have loads of laundry to do.  Though I am used to do hand wash, but I cannot hand wash the brother and my father jeans.  My hands will get really hurt.  Plus I have to wash towel, curtains, and bed sheet.  Because the washing machine is busted, I do not have any choice but to do the hand wash.  However, I cannot do it all at once.  I have to make a schedule.  First, I have to do my laundry, then my father and my brothers, seeing the loads of laundry that I am going to do, make me want to cry.

I am done doing my laundry; next stop is my father then my brothers.  Gosh, I guess it will take me three days to finish my laundry.  And since the weather is rainy, I have to alternate it.  I will do the father’s laundry after my laundry is dry.  The same thing I am going to do before washing the brother’s dirty clothes.  I really miss our washing machine in times like this.  Now I know that washing machine do make my laundry job easy and fast, the same with other high technology gadgets, machines, and the likes.

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