Typhoons messing up my internet connection

It really pisses me off when the weather is not good because my internet connection would be affected.  I will not be able to do my online stuffs because I cannot connect.  It happens all the time though especially when typhoon/s is hitting the country.  But still I am not getting used to it because it happens when I have lots of things to finish online.  At first, every time it happens I keep on calling the customer service of my internet provider, and they told me that it is because of the bad weather.  So, when the weather is bad, I already know what will happen to my internet connection.

This week, a couple of typhoons is hitting the country and so my internet connection would be affected.  It really messes up my internet connection.  I did not able to update my blogs for a couple of days because I do not like to write when the connection is not good.  Though I have saved some of my writings, still thinking that I won’t be able to post it right away makes me sad.  Yet, I am still blessed that only my internet connection is affected, because some of my countrymen are suffering from heavy rains, floods, some houses are ruined, and the likes.  To the affected areas, keep safe everyone.  Will pray for your safety.

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Signal No. 1

I heard in the news on television about the typhoon ‘Ramon’ and will be hitting some areas in Mindanao.  I am sad because Mindanao is not affected by typhoon even before.  Gone are the days when the place is safe from those typhoons.  We have been experiencing winds and rains for two days this week.  Some areas in the city is experiencing flooding.  I am glad that my area is safe because I am scared of flooding.  My imagination is worse when flooding occurs.

Signal no. one affects some parts in Mindanao two days ago.  I am watching in the news to make myself updated of the condition of the weather and on how strong is typhoon ‘Ramon’.  Everyone was informed to make them aware.  It is good to be ready all the time because no one really knows what will happen.  The typhoon is now leaving and I hope will leave the country by tomorrow.  The country is still trying to recover from the previous damage caused by super typhoon two weeks ago.  Many are still in the evacuation areas because the area is still flooding.

It is true that cutting trees are never good because when heavy rain comes because of typhoon no trees will holds the water that is flowing.  And so, let us plant a tree and help save the country.

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