Setting-up Twitter Account for Her

My niece has Facebook account.  She told me that it was her classmate who made an account for her since I refused to make her a Facebook account.  I refused because I do not want her to for she is young.  And her age is not qualified yet.  I told her that she has to wait till she reach the age of 18.  I do not want her to involve in this kind of social media account.  In short, I just want to protect her from those bad stuffs on social media.  But, she has an account now and there is nothing I can do.  I just have to watch her and supervise her.

Right now, she is very active in Facebook.  Chatting to her friends and classmates and updating pictures.  She is enjoying it.  I always reminded her of avoid opening links/video for her own good.  After Facebook, she now wants to have a Twitter account.  OMG!  She is bugging me for days.  So now, I am setting-up Twitter account for her.  She wants to be updated on the latest of her favorite love team ALDUB.  Yes, she is a fan.  A big fan to be exact.  My niece is very much active of these social media thing.  And I cannot stop her.  I guess I just have to double my supervision and being alert for her safety.

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