Listening to my favorite love song

Every time I wanted to unwind after finishing my online tasks, I always watch for music videos on Youtube. I like to watch songs from the 70’s and 80’s more. Yes, I am into oldies songs because to me it is more inspirational and love songs from then. It is heart-warming even if it is a sad love song. One day while I was browsing looking for music videos to watch, I bumped into a video of a person playing the trumpet. I watched the video because he played one of my favorite love songs. I haven’t heard it played on trumpet before so I got interested to watch and listen. It is really nice and soothing to my ears because of the cool etude etr-100 he is using. I bookmarked it and when I wanted my mind to relax, I open the link and listen to my favorite love song played in trumpet. In times like this, I appreciate more the advantage of technologies. I do not need to buy CD’s of my favorite songs. All I need is to browse online and I can listen to it anytime I want for free.

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