The television is fixed

Our old television stops working almost two years ago.  Yes, it lasted that long because we are waiting for my brother who is a technician to fix it.  Even if he told us to bring it to the technician to have it fixed because he is too busy with his work and he does not have time to drop by.  We do understand him because he lives far from us.  We decided to wait for him to fix it.  We do have a television in our living room anyways.  Patience is a virtue indeed because after two years the brother finally fixed our old television.The kids are I are

The kids and I are the happiest because we can now watch our favorite tv shows in the room.  We can now watch our favorite show while laying down in the bed.  And I can now watch documentary shows alone which are usually aired late night.  I so missed watching documentary shows when the old television is busted.  I watch this kind of shows alone and watching alone in the living room makes me scared.LOL  Yes, I am scared to be alone.  In fact, I shared the room with my two nieces because I am scared sleeping alone.shhhhh! ,

Anyways, thank you very much brother for fixing the television, thought it took you so long to do it.

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The television is busted

At home, we do have two television.  In the living room and in my room.  I seldom use the television in my room because the screen is smaller and no remote control.  I am the kind of person that keeps on changing channels.  So, I like to use the television in the living room.  But I do appreciate having television in my room because I do get to watch my favorite documentary shows late at night.  When all are sleeping I prefer to watch the my favorite shows at night in my room, especially when it is late at night and when I want to lay down while watching TV.

Unfortunately, the television in my room is busted the other day.  I do not know what is wrong.  It’s just stopped working when I turned in on.  It has no display and no power.  I felt really sad and felt the importance of having television in my room.  I have contacted my electrician brother but he is too busy at work.  He is working far from us, so going home is not that easy.  I guess I have to wait for him till he has the time to visit us.  I hope sooner because I so missed the television.  Just like now, I want to watch a documentary show but I am scared to watch in the living room alone.  Brother please come home sooner.

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Returned the second hand television

When the second older brother took the job offered to him, he moves out of the house because the job is in another city. He lives in the boarding house provided by his employer. He is allowed to go home every weekend though so he won’t feel homesick. And also have time to spend with the family and going to church with the family. He is fine living there for a month however he gets bored because he doesn’t have television and radio. He uses his phones every time he gets bored and feels lonely. It does ease his boredom a bit.

The brother is a movie addict and likes to watch basketball a lot, PBA especially. He misses watching PBA and his favorite team. We do have two televisions at home, but we cannot give it to him because the kids sometimes watch television (cartoons) in my room where the television is. The brother decided to buy second hand television. First two days is good until the television shuts down on the third day. He brought it back to the store where he bought the television, and when they turn it on the television is fine. He brought it back and when he turns it on, it does not open. The following day he brought it back to the store, and it is fine again. On the third time, the brother decided to return the television to the store where he bought it and look for another one. What an experience. I guess it is best to buy brand new television.

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The nice TV in the hospital

We arrived at the hospital at 11:30 in the evening of January 15, 2013.  The BIL and I are waiting in the room while the sister is inside the delivery room.  While in the room, we are enjoying watching movies and shows in the cable channels.  I am glad because even if I am not at home, I can still watch my favorite local television shows.  The hospital was the sister admitted is very nice.  It is like we were staying in the hotel room, with very nice television that is hanging on the wall, big and nice room.  These are the reason the sister still chooses to be in the same hospital when she gave birth to her first son.

Our four days in the hospital is not boring because of the very nice television inside our room.  I say nice because it has an FM Radio feature that allows us to listen to our favorite radio stations.  When we are bored watching movies, we can switch it to FM radio to listen nice songs on the radio station.  To be honest, I did not know that there is television that has FM radio features, if I know earlier, I would definitely buy the same television that the hospital has.  But it is too late, for we already bought our new TV last month.

Are you planning to buy new television?  Try the television that has FM radio feature.

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Loving our new television

After our old television gets busted, we are using the television of the brother since they moved back in the house.  The other brother tried to fix it but did not able to fix it because the part that is broken is a bit expensive.  It is best to buy new one than to fix the old one.  It took me three years to persuade the father to buy new television because to him we do not need new television since we are using the brother’s television.  Partly the father is right.  We do not need it that time.  So I stopped bothering him.

Just recently, I went to the mall to unwind.  I went to the appliance section and look for television because the store has good offer.  Also, it is best to buy now because they give freebies and discount during holiday season.  After getting bit information about the television that I like, I told the father about it.  I used my power to persuade him.  Luckily, the father got interested and told me to go with him the following day.  Oh yes!  The father did buy new television.  It is a bit bigger compared to the old one and I love it.  It feels like I am watching a movie in the cinema because the screen is a bit bigger.

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