Opted not to have it fixed

The newly bought tablet of my sister is broken after accidentally fell on the floor.  The screen is broken and the LCD.  Same thing happened to my tablet before.  It is still under warranty too, and it only cost me 1,000 pesos for the broken LCD.  Because it is under warranty, she brought it to the customer service.  We are expecting the same amount for the LCD but the attendant told us that they do not have available LCD.  They have to send the tablet back to their main branch to have it fixed.  But the sister told them to inform her if there is available LCD and how much it will cost.

The days ago, the company called the sister and told her of the amount of the LCD.  We were shocked because the amount of the LCD is almost the same amount of the unit/tablet.  They explained to her why it cost a bit high.  The sister is sad.  She just told the attendant to just send back the unit/tablet because the amount is not acceptable.haha!  She opted not to have it fixed there.  She felt sad for what had happened to her tablet.  I just told herr to just let it passed and just charge it to experience.  We will look for a technician though that can fixed it and have the same LCD with lesser amount.  It will take time though, but we have enough patience.haha!

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New Earphone Again

In my leisure time, traveling and when I am bored listening to music is what I like to do.  I have downloaded all my favorite songs in my phone and tablet.  So, wherever I go and whatever I do listening to these music lifted my spirit and makes me relax.  This is my stress reliever I must say.  My addiction of listening to music using my gadgets cost me four earphone already.  Yes, four earphones are busted.  The original one and class A (affordable one) kind of earphone.  I so wish to have an earphone that will last longer and of good quality.  Anyways, the original earphone of my phone was destroyed by my nephew.arghs!

The earphone that I am currently using is no longer working.  It has been four days now that I did not able to listen to my favorite songs.  I so missed listening while taking my afternoon nap and when I wake up in the morning.  I plan to buy new one again but don’t have time to go to mall.  Good thing my brother with his wife and son came to visit yesterday.  They treat me to the mall.  While at the mall, my SIL asked me of what I want.  I did not hesitate to tell her that I want a new earphone.  She laughed at me as if I am kidding.  I said, I am serious I need new earphone.  I was really happy because she gave to me her new earphone.  It is original and the brand is of good quality.  Thank you SIL for the earphone and the treat.  I am the happiest person in the world because I am so blessed with people around me.  Thank you God!

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Can't connect to camera

I handed my old tablet to my nieces after buying new one.  It is my gift to them though sometimes they are not good kids (not all the time though).  One of the main reason of course is I love them.  Since I am planning to buy new tablet, tabphone to be exact.  They can download as many games as they want.  They have been bothering me to download games that they like before but I did not to refrain them from borrowing.  Well, I am just protecting my gadget because kids are too careless.  I value my stuffs especially if it is the fruit of my labor.

Anyways, just tonight my nieces telling me that when she opened the camera to take picture, there is a pop-up on the screen saying, camera not connected.  I asked her what did she do but she nodded.  Something is wrong of the camera I must say.  I tried many times to restore and find the possible way but I was not able to.  I deleted some pictures and videos too but still camera is not connected.  I guess it is time to bring it back to the costumer service to have it checked.  Since it is out of the warranty, I told the niece to prepare money for the repair fee so she can take lots of photos using the tablet.

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More Educational Games

I want to keep my tablet away from my nieces and nephews because my first ever tablet was busted because of them.  Most of the time I play with my tablet when they are not around.  But there are times that they saw me playing and want to borrow.  I always refused because I promised not to let them play with it after what happened to my old tablet.  The girls are so eager of what games I downloaded in my tablet.  They know some games and told me to download it but I did not because for sure they will always bugs me.

Since kids are so techie nowadays, I prefer to download more educational games.  It would be very helpful to them especially to my nephews whose just started schooling.  Aside from they are enjoying it, they also learned from it.  The girls won’t be bothering me to borrow the tablet because most of the games I downloaded are for nursery and kinder students.  I tried played with it and it is nice.  I am enjoying it actually.  The nephews did not try it yet, but soon I will let them play with it for them to learn.  Of course with my supervision so my tablet is safe.  Once is enough, so to speak!

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Glad it is under warranty

My sister just bought a new tablet for her two sons.  She just bought the cheaper one because her intention is just to download games for her sons to use while she is busy doing her stuffs at home.  When she is at work, I am the one attending her two sons.  I am glad that the kids does have new toy to keep them busy so I can do my chores at home.  The problem is that they are fighting of who will going to play the tablet first.  I try to explain to them however, talking to 5 and 3 years old is like talking to a tree.LOL  Because they are fighting the tablet fell many times and is not working anymore.

The sister is sad and blaming herself.   She brought the tablet to the costumer service and have it check.  She is glad that it is still under the warranty so there is no payment for the repair and check up.  The tablet now is back to normal, but the games she downloaded was lost because the gadget was reformatted.  And it only means that she has to pay to download new games.  She learned her lesson for what happened.  The same learned I had when I let the nieces played with my tablet before.  Therefore we conclude that it is not good to let the kids played with gadgets.

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