So in love with my tablet

I can’t get enough of my tablet after it is fixed. I have downloaded lots of my favorite Korean songs. I am always listening to the music every day. Yes, every day because every time I am listening to the Korean songs, I felt inspired and in love. Even though I don’t really understand fully what is the message/story of the songs, still listening to it because of the awesome melody. I understand some words though from watching Korean drama with English translations. So, when I get bored, I will get my tablet and listening to the Korean songs.

I am not bored listening to the same songs every day, however, I felt like downloading movies on my tablet. It would be a great diversion if I am done listening to music, or I prefer to rest and watching my favorite love story movies. I have downloaded some in my laptop and still waiting till it fully downloaded and transferred it to my tablet. I am excited to transfer the movies that I have downloaded so I can start watching it while waiting for the nephew’s dismissal at school. Watching while waiting for the dismissal is a good idea, right?

I am so in love with my tablet now.

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Transferring songs with different brand of mobile phone isn’t easy

The phone of the niece doesn’t have games and songs yet. Because the technician of the shop where my brother used to go, is not available every time he goes. The cost per song is 5 pesos and 15 pesos per game. It is very affordable amount but when you have lots on list, it will be costly. To save some, I told the brother that I will be downloading songs for the niece’s mobile phone through my computer. I am asking the niece to give me the list of the songs that she likes me to download for her.

I have converted into MP3 all the songs that the niece want to put on her phone. It is now ready to transfer. I connect the phone to my laptop and start transferring the songs into the music file. My first attempt isn’t successful. I can’t find the songs. The music file is empty too. But when I connect it to the laptop it is there. I am really having a hard time transferring songs to her mobile phone compared to when I transferred songs to my phone. I get my phone and compared the process but the settings are different. The niece’s phone settings is complicated I must say. It took me hours and analysing of what to do. I so wish we have the same brand of phone. To be honest it pisses me off. I just applied the saying, “patience is a virtue’. After several attempts, the transfer was a success. Thanks to my patience.



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Listening to my favorite love song

Every time I wanted to unwind after finishing my online tasks, I always watch for music videos on Youtube. I like to watch songs from the 70’s and 80’s more. Yes, I am into oldies songs because to me it is more inspirational and love songs from then. It is heart-warming even if it is a sad love song. One day while I was browsing looking for music videos to watch, I bumped into a video of a person playing the trumpet. I watched the video because he played one of my favorite love songs. I haven’t heard it played on trumpet before so I got interested to watch and listen. It is really nice and soothing to my ears because of the cool etude etr-100 he is using. I bookmarked it and when I wanted my mind to relax, I open the link and listen to my favorite love song played in trumpet. In times like this, I appreciate more the advantage of technologies. I do not need to buy CD’s of my favorite songs. All I need is to browse online and I can listen to it anytime I want for free.

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Downloading musics in my phone

I like listening to music, my favorite love song music to be exact.  I like listening to it when I need to think and I need to be motivated.  Even though some of my favorites are sad love songs, it does inspires me.  Why? Just like that.   Anyways, since I do not have radio in my room anymore I always listening music in my phone.  This is what I like about my new phone, it has radio features plus I can download my favorite songs.  I so love the features of my new phone.  But aside from loving the features, the phone is the fruit of my labor.  The main reason I so loved my new phone.

I have downloaded my favorite love songs of the 70’s and 80’s.  Call me boring but those songs is what I love to listen to.  I have plans to download new hit songs of today though.  I am picking the one that I so like.  The memory card I have inserted in my phone is not that big, so I have to select only songs that are my most favorite.  I just transferred some music from the sister’s phone via Bluetooth.  I have to learn how to download songs from the computer to my phone so that I can download my favorite songs in my phone.

Anyone knows how to download music/song from computer to phone?  Mind telling me how to?  Thanks!

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