Teaching him to save money

Life is indeed not easy especially when we are experiencing difficulties in life.  We have to be ready always because we do not know what is going to happen to us the next day.  One of the good ways to be ready is to save money and do not spend beyond your means.  Saving money is one of the best things to do so when the rainy days come, we do not have to worry much because we have savings.  We do not need to borrow money because we have savings that we can use.  Though we are praying to be in good health always and safe.

The sister wants her kids to be ready always and thought them to save than to spend.  She bought piggybank for her sons and thought them to start saving at the young age.  She explains to them the importance of saving money.  It is for their future and future use.  Her eldest is only seven (7) years old and understands her explanation.  In fact, the nephew is so excited to put money in her piggy bank and he already has in mind what to buy when the piggy bank is full.  Hopefully, he will get what he wants in due time.

How about you?  How did you tell to your kids to save money?

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Acer Aspire Netbook

I mentioned in my previous post that the old laptop that I gave to my sister is busted.  It has been in the service for four years and now the old laptop wants to retire.  The sister felt really sad because all her files are there and her lesson plan is there as well.  We can still open the laptop but it will take lots of patients because sometimes there is no display.  The sister wants to save everything in the USB if the old laptop opens.  Thankfully it opens and she get all her files there.  And she will be needing new laptop for her paper works.

After a week of waiting the sister bought her new laptop.  It is an Acer Aspire netbook.  She chooses this brand because it is thin and not heavy to carry, also it is friendly to her budget.  Well, the netbook is indeed very nice.  I even asked the sister if I could borrow it sometimes especially when I am on travel.  My Samsung laptop is very heavy.  My shoulder is always aching every time I brought my beloved Samsung laptop with me.LOL  Congratulations to my sister for having new gadget and hopefully this netbook will last longer.

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Sweets for my dearest sister

In a few months, the world will be celebrating mother’s day.  The day where all the mothers out there feel love and cared I must say.  One of the most important person in our life is our mother.  Therefore, they deserves a day that will make them feel special in many ways.  Since mother’s day is approaching, it would be best to find a wonderful gifts for them.  Something that is different from the usual gifts that they have received during this day.  Too bad my mother passed away when I was little but this won’t stop me from buying gifts for mothers because I have my sister who is already a mother.  I am thinking of a store where I can shop for the best mom gifts for my sister.  I wanted to give her something that is sweet.  If your gonna ask me why, it is because my sister is one sweetest person in my life.  She has been so sweet for me even before when we were younger up to now.  This made me decide to give sweets things for my dearest sister.  My one and only sister that I will love always.

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Meaningful Presents

Receiving an unexpected presents are very meaningful to me.  I like the thought of surprising me of the things that I do like.  To me it is an unforgettable moment knowing that someone has surprised me with a present.  It makes me feel important and special to them of that effort because it takes love and care to someone to come up with giving presents anytime we want.  It is like giving and doing the best things in life to someone who is very dear to us.  It is overwhelming and good feeling after seeing that gestures plus knowing they give to us the things that we are dying to have.

To give back the favor, I would also like to surprise my sister with jewellery and gifts on her birthday.  I seldom do it because I do not want what to give to her since she has all the things she wants.  Plus in the family, she is the one who always give gifts to us.  I want to make her feel special and loved by us that is why I am giving the best gift she could ever have.  To me it is the thought that counts.  So coming from the bottom of my heart, I am pretty sure that she would love my surprise presents for her.  This is a meaningful presents she ever received.

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Mellow Yellow Monday #33: Conducting a Seminar


The picture above is my sister while conducting a seminar here in our church.  I always accompanied her but didn’t bother to take a photo of her until the last time  I went with her.  I bring the camera with me hoping that I could capture a spot that I can share in the different meme that I have joined.  I took this photo because of the yellow shades that I have seen.  Perfect for today’s meme.

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