Secondhand Air-condition

My father and I talked about buying air-condition at home because of the weather.  We are using three electric fans at home and our electric bill is as huge as having air-condition at home.  So we decided to buy air-condition one day.  We are not in a hurry too because we have our priorities.  We have to settle everything before adding expenses at home.  Also, we are considering to buy a second hand air-condition for the price is cheaper.  However, we have to check very well if it still works good and in good condition too.  We both agreed and we will just wait for a perfect opportunity.

Yesterday I got a message from a friend asking me if I am interested to buy air-condition.  She bought new one and thought of selling the old one.  I mentioned to her before that we thought of buying a/c that is why she contacted me first.  Unfortunately, the timing is not perfect.  We have lots of issues at home that should be settled first.  A/C is not our priorities.  Even if the amount is just right, we have to let it pass.  My friend is giving me a discount that is why I really wanted to grab it but sad to say I have to decline it.  Maybe it is not yet time to buy a/c.  Electric fan is not bad though.  Better luck next time I must say.

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