Returned the second hand television

When the second older brother took the job offered to him, he moves out of the house because the job is in another city. He lives in the boarding house provided by his employer. He is allowed to go home every weekend though so he won’t feel homesick. And also have time to spend with the family and going to church with the family. He is fine living there for a month however he gets bored because he doesn’t have television and radio. He uses his phones every time he gets bored and feels lonely. It does ease his boredom a bit.

The brother is a movie addict and likes to watch basketball a lot, PBA especially. He misses watching PBA and his favorite team. We do have two televisions at home, but we cannot give it to him because the kids sometimes watch television (cartoons) in my room where the television is. The brother decided to buy second hand television. First two days is good until the television shuts down on the third day. He brought it back to the store where he bought the television, and when they turn it on the television is fine. He brought it back and when he turns it on, it does not open. The following day he brought it back to the store, and it is fine again. On the third time, the brother decided to return the television to the store where he bought it and look for another one. What an experience. I guess it is best to buy brand new television.

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