Mask making project

I promised myself not to help the kids with doing their projects, homework, and assignments as much as possible because I want their parents to do it.  It will be a great bonding with them since their parents are both working.  They do not have much time to be with their kids and besides I am helping them since they are in grade school, now that they are in high school, it is now their time to help their kids with projects, homework, and assignments.  The niece has been asking me to help her with her project.  It is a mask making project.  I suggested making a simple one.  Think of a design that she likes.  I want her to squeeze her brain to think of a nice design.

The niece needs a mask for their classroom presentation.  A mask like in the masquerade party.  I do have the idea in mind because I have seen masquerade party in the movie but can’t decide on lively colors for the design.  To help me with the idea, I search it online.  I search for a simple mask design, with nice colors.  I do not want her to spend much for the designs or decoration that is why I want to make a simple one.  The mask is done and the niece is ready for their presentation.  I wish her the best of luck.  Indeed the technology will help us a lot in searching for ideas, ways and how’s when doing projects.

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