The gift for the job well done

 photo cp1_zpsdffdae94.pngAs a promised that I will give them a reward if they finished with honors, I am buying the niece (Ella) a phone.  She really wants a phone so I am challenging her that is she finish with honors, I will buy her one.  Because she did well at school, she will be receiving a phone from me.  She wants a touch screen phone, so I am buying the one she likes.  I have something in my mind already of what to buy; however, buying her what I want instead of what she likes is not good.  So, I am rewarding the phone she likes.

Anyways, the phone I am sharing here is the phone that I bought for the niece.  She picks it personally.  We went to six different stores looking for the phone she likes.  The phone is not that expensive so when she told me she wants it, I said okay right away.  The timing is perfect because the store is on sale.  And the phone that the niece picked is on sale.  I am so happy because I saved 300 pesos.  Big smile on the niece face after paying it and handing it to her.  I told her to take good care of it and be careful always.  Congratulations Ella, good job!

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