My radio is giving me headache

The radio I have in my room was given to me by my older brother five years ago.  Actually, I beg of him to give it to me because I do not have radio in my room, and I like listening to music before going to sleep.  Also, to listen to when I am not sleepy yet.  My radio is my company since the sister got married.  I find hard to sleep alone.  Yes, I am scared of the scary thoughts I have in my mind from the scary movies I have seen in the past.  You may laugh at me I wont get mad because it is true.  I even laughed at myself too.haha!

I must say, the radio helps me a lot to keep me away from scary thoughts before going to sleep.  Sad to say, my radio is not in good condition lately.  The volume is making me sick.  I can’t listen to my favorite songs because of the broken volume.  The volume is full, and I can’t reduce it.  I have tried reducing the volume but it is not functioning.  I told the brother about it and he just laughed at me.  He said that the radio needs to rest and I should get a new radio.  I guess I have to accept that the radio is busted.  I will try to bring it to the shop and see if they can fix it.  I really need my radio badly, especially when I am alone.

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Hearing Christmas songs on the radio

On the first day of September, I already hear Christmas songs played on the radio. It is great to hear Christmas songs after almost a year of waiting. Christmas is just around the corner. Time flies really fast I must say. It seems like we just have celebrated Christmas and New Year recently. The blowing of the wind is colder in the morning now that the BER months are here. Some are started putting Christmas decoration inside their homes and puts Christmas lights outside their house. The spirit of Christmas is in there house already.

I like hearing Christmas songs very much because the songs are inspiring and make me happy. Also, Christmas songs remind me of my mother. Though I get sad a bit hearing these kinds of songs because made me missed my mother.  The mother was very sickly back then and stayed in the nursing home. Anyways, it is great to hear Christmas songs in the morning. And seen Christmas decorations at my neighbors house. I haven’t put decorations at our house yet. I’m going to put Christmas decorations after the All Souls and All Saints day. While waiting, I’ll have to think of what would be my theme to put on our Christmas tree.

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His new buddy

 The father bought a small radio when we went to the department store one day.  He said, he misses listening to local drama and news on the radio especially at night.  He does watch news on television but when lay down and resting, he can’t bring the television on the bed.  So, he decided to buy radio to accompany him at night.  The small radio he just bought is the father’s new buddy.  He can now listen to local drama and news anywhere and anytime because it can be operated using the battery.

The father’s new buddy will ease the boredom he felt at home.  He gets bored looking at the same four corners of the house and after watching his favorite shows on television.  Also, his new buddy will keep him awake at day time which is good because too much sleeping is not good for the father.

I used to listened to music at night until I fell asleep, but after the radio gets busted I did not able to listen anymore unless I turn on the radio on my mobile phone.  The problem is that the battery of my phone runs out fast, so I guess I have to buy radio too.

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