Having it with purpose

I am not into technology that much.  Aside from buying it is so expensive, to me gadgets are like a wants.  It is not really important to me at all.  Sometimes I even think that having high technology gadgets just for fashion and to let everybody “hey I have this and this”.  This is back then.  But when a friend of mine told me about blogging and how does it works, I feel the need to have my laptop.  However, I do not have money to buy laptop, I settled to the old desktop that my father bought for my brother’s studies.

After months of blogging, I really feel the need to have a better computer because the old one does not work well.  It took me minutes before a single window opens.  And it is not good if I do blogging.  When I learned about the lay away laptop, I asked the sister if she could get one for me since I cannot avail the said offer.  Good thing the sister said yes.  Now I have my laptop that always with me every where I go and gives me lots of blessings.  Having my laptop is with a purpose.  I did not have it for nothing, which makes me so proud of myself because I got it from the money I earned through blogging.  Now I understand that having high technology gadget is best to have it with a purpose.  To my friend who introduced to me blogging, I am always thankful of you. May God bless you more Anne.

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