Looking for promo ticket online

My father has been so sickly for the past days.  That is why he gets angry easily and losing his patience.  Even if we comforted him and tell that he is still blessed knowing that he is at home and not in the hospital.  Still he is angry.  We just keep quiet and understand him for we do not know the pain he feels.  Until one day, he told us that he wants to visit his province.  He said that, maybe his dead mother, grannies, father, brother wants him to visit them for it has been four years since the last time he went home.

Because the father is old and get tired of the long travel, it would be best to travel by plane instead of bus and ship to the province.  Two hours travel by plane is better compared to 14 hours travel by land and sea.  The father’s plans vacation is in three months, we have all the time to check of a promo plane ticket.  Good thing that we can avail this promo online using credit card.  We haven’t find any promo ticket yet, but we are still trying.  Hopefully we can get one or more tickets before the plan vacation.

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