Wanting a shoes on their recognition

Three more weeks school year 2011 – 2012 will soon be concluded.  The kids are looking forward for their classes to ends because they are very much excited for summer.  Going to beach and play everyday is what the kids loves to do during summer.  That is how the nieces and nephew loves to do.  Just this afternoon, the niece talk to me and informing me that she will finished with honors.  I am so happy because this means she did well at school. I thought she will not make it because being  transferred is not easy.  It needs lots of adjustments. But the nieces did well despite she is new and she has friends now.  The shy niece that I used to know is no longer a shy one.

Anyways, buying her a present if she finished with honors is my idea.  My way of motivating her since she is a type one.  True enough, she was motivated doing well at school.  And now asking me to buy her a shoe to wear on their upcoming recognition day.  The shoes would be my present for her and her sister.  Gosh, I need to buy two pairs of shoes for the nieces.   Well, they deserved it because they made us proud by finishing with flying colors.  Good luck girls.


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The surprise present

Yesterday was the first birthday celebration of my nephew.  And one of the invited visitor is my friend who happens to be the godmother of my nephew.  I did not expect her to come because of the rainy weather and also we did have a miscommunication few weeks ago.   But she did come and I am so glad to see her.  My happiness was double because she gave me a very nice present.  I am so surprised and so happy of the present she gave me.  The present is a beaded headband that I so wanted to buy for myself.

Because I am so excited of the surprise present, I try it after she left to go home.  I was stretching it to put on my head when the tie that connect the rubber and the beads breaks.   Smiley  I do not know what happen.  Maybe my head is too big for the headband or the tie is not that strong.  I felt like crying seeing the present that I got on Christmas day is broken.  I am trying to fix it but I do not think I can fix it anymore.  I just keep it in my drawer and I hope I can fix it one day.  I am so sorry my friend that I broke the present you gave to me. Smiley

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