New Earphone Again

In my leisure time, traveling and when I am bored listening to music is what I like to do.  I have downloaded all my favorite songs in my phone and tablet.  So, wherever I go and whatever I do listening to these music lifted my spirit and makes me relax.  This is my stress reliever I must say.  My addiction of listening to music using my gadgets cost me four earphone already.  Yes, four earphones are busted.  The original one and class A (affordable one) kind of earphone.  I so wish to have an earphone that will last longer and of good quality.  Anyways, the original earphone of my phone was destroyed by my nephew.arghs!

The earphone that I am currently using is no longer working.  It has been four days now that I did not able to listen to my favorite songs.  I so missed listening while taking my afternoon nap and when I wake up in the morning.  I plan to buy new one again but don’t have time to go to mall.  Good thing my brother with his wife and son came to visit yesterday.  They treat me to the mall.  While at the mall, my SIL asked me of what I want.  I did not hesitate to tell her that I want a new earphone.  She laughed at me as if I am kidding.  I said, I am serious I need new earphone.  I was really happy because she gave to me her new earphone.  It is original and the brand is of good quality.  Thank you SIL for the earphone and the treat.  I am the happiest person in the world because I am so blessed with people around me.  Thank you God!

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Welcome to the world of facebook

Facebook is not my brother’ s thing.  Even if his friends are inviting him, encouraging him and making him jealous, still he is not into facebook.  To him, he doesn’t know how to operate computer, he doesn’t have time and it is just a waste of time.  Well, he is a guy.  Some guys doesn’t care about social media and the techie world.  But when he attended high school reunion last year, he decided to make facebook account because most of his high school friends and into facebook.  They told him to make facebook account to continue their communication, also to know the latest about their batch program, project and activities.

The brother doesn’t have computer/laptop, so he bought android phone which is cheaper.  Of course he is happy and excited to make facebook account.  But the problem is he does not know anything.  I created his facebook account first then teach him carefully on how to start, where to go, what to do and so on.  He has facebook account now, have started posting and commenting for days, but our facebook lesson is not yet done.  He still keeps on asking me things that makes him confused.  I do hope that after two weeks, he can facebook on his own and won’t bother me anymore. LOL  Anyways, congratulations to my brother and welcome to facebook world!

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Thanks to my beloved phone

Last week, I attended the way of the cross procession.  It is the annual activity of the catholic believers.  I have joined this activity for more than a decade now.  I like it because it is one way of showing my penance.  The past years, I missed to capture photos because I do not have camera yet.  I always wish that if I get my camera, I will for sure capture photos from this activity and in the church.  Last Good Friday, I woke up early because the way of the cross procession starts at 4 o’clock in the morning, not that early though because it is 10 minutes before 4 o’clock.  I have to move fast because the brothers and my father are ready except me.

Because I was in a hurry, I forgot to bring my camera.  It did not come in my mind to bring the camera because the father is yelling outside. Arghs!  I only noticed when we arrived at the first station and saw someone taking pictures.  OMG!  How can I forget my camera?  I am sad because I won’t be able to take photos.  Luckily I brought with me my beloved phone with camera.  It wasn’t bad luck at all because I still took some photos at the procession using my phone.  Thanks to my beloved phone.

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Downloading musics in my phone

I like listening to music, my favorite love song music to be exact.  I like listening to it when I need to think and I need to be motivated.  Even though some of my favorites are sad love songs, it does inspires me.  Why? Just like that.   Anyways, since I do not have radio in my room anymore I always listening music in my phone.  This is what I like about my new phone, it has radio features plus I can download my favorite songs.  I so love the features of my new phone.  But aside from loving the features, the phone is the fruit of my labor.  The main reason I so loved my new phone.

I have downloaded my favorite love songs of the 70’s and 80’s.  Call me boring but those songs is what I love to listen to.  I have plans to download new hit songs of today though.  I am picking the one that I so like.  The memory card I have inserted in my phone is not that big, so I have to select only songs that are my most favorite.  I just transferred some music from the sister’s phone via Bluetooth.  I have to learn how to download songs from the computer to my phone so that I can download my favorite songs in my phone.

Anyone knows how to download music/song from computer to phone?  Mind telling me how to?  Thanks!

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My New Phone

As I have mentioned from my earlier post about my plans of buying a new phone, well here it is.  I got a new phone now! Woohoo!  I so love my new phone because of the awesome features plus it is wifi ready.  This phone is my early gift for myself.  I am supposed to buy new phone this Christmas but it happens early because the brother’s phone is broken and asked me if he could have my old one.  I patiently saving money to buy new phone.  And I am so happy because I am able to buy new phone.

This phone is another fruit of my labor.  Since I have worked so hard, I guess it is good to give myself a reward.  A reward that I dreamed and wishing to have. Thanks to blogging for it gives me lots of blessings in life.  Also, thanks to God for the ability and my skills to write.  Though I am not a good writer, still I am thankful for the gift that God has given to me.  I pray that God will give me more blessings in the future, so that I can be a big help to the family.

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