Bonding at the park

Back then, the sister and I used to go to the park to relax and unwind.  It is our favorite pass time since our house was near at the park.  We like to ride in the carousel and enjoy watching the kinds of rides at the park.  And when we get tired, we sit down on the cement garden bench and enjoying the views.  I so missed those times when the sister and I have our bonding.  Now that we moved to our new house and the sister got married, we did not able to do the same things we used to do before.  The sister is busy with her life and I am busy too.  If we both have the time, I will invite the sister to go to the park with the kids.  Though the bonding would be different because the kids will be there but I am pretty sure it is more fun and chasing at the park.   For now, I will just be thinking of the memories the sister and I did when we were younger.

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Pink Friday # 19: On the Big Rock


These are my brother’s kid that I have been babysitting for years now.  Been baby sitting them since the day they were born up to present.  Last two weeks ago, we were watching street dancing here in the city.   After watching the parade, they were so tired but enjoyed the parade.  This is how they look with all the sweats and the heat of the sun that embracing  They were sitting on the big stone at the park whiles I thought of a place where we could eat our lunch.  I asked them to compressed and come closer together for a photo.  I am glad that they were cooperative even if they are  tired and complaining of the heat of the sun.

My adorable nieces and nephew as my share for:

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Pink Friday #11: Rides at the Park

It’s Friday once again, it is time to share pink stuffs.  The color that girls do love.  Girly color and girly stuffs, that is the best way to describe color pink.  And here is my share:


These are the three gremlins that I babysit for years.  My brother’s kids that makes my day brighter, darker, tired, mess but happy.  Yes, though they are fighting and messy they do makes me laugh and brings smile on my face.   The picture above was taken when we went to the park to spend time with them.  Their parents are both working and seldom to spend time with them like this.  I took a picture of them having fun and enjoying the rides at the park.  They do not mind the heat of the sun, all they want to do is to have fun and enjoy the day.

Happy Pink Friday and Happy Weekend Everyone!

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Spark at the Park

Ever dreamed to be in the place that will make you feel better? Have some time to relax and be with nature?  And give yourself a break after being busy?  Well, no need to look farther because there is certain place where you will be able to do all you can.   You will definitely have a good time and wonderful experience you will ever had.

Talacre Caravan Park is the answer to your dreams.  This place will make your dreams come true and come to reality.  Indeed, spending time here will make you vacation memorable, a perfect place to rest and relax away from the busy world you are in to.  To pamper yourself after working so hard is the right thing to do to bring back the energy you have lost for working so hard.  This is the only reward that you can give to yourself that is stress free and no pressure.  All you have to do is to have fun and enjoy every minutes of your vacation.  Go visit this place and experience the accommodation that they will offer to you that you will surely love.  There is definitely a spark in this park that will make you come back again.

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