Selling my old computer monitor

I guess my father was just bored because he keeps on walking in and out of the house.  He was looking outside the house when suddenly he go down to the empty room we have attached in the house.  Actually, the room was my small store before.  I closed it two years ago and the store becomes our storage room.  The father was cleaning the storage room when he saw the old computer monitor inside the box.  He then asked me if the monitor is usable.  I said yes, I do not have plans of using it anymore because the model is a bit old.  I suggested that when someone wants to buy it sell it.

My suggestion to sell the old monitor was 50 % true and 50% joke.  But the father took it seriously and sold the old monitor to the person who buy old stuffs and things that can be recycled. Well, I do not regret it because at least I know someone will benefit from it.  I am able to help the guy because I am pretty sure he can sold the monitor to the junk shop in good value.  The old monitor was the monitor I used when I started blogging, so I felt a bit sad.  I am afraid next time the father will see the CPU and will sell it too.haha!


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