It's good to be back

Oh yeah, it is good to be back after four days of no internet.  I can’t believe I lasted for days without laptop and no internet.  Going online and started my day checking what is latest on my feeds and emails, is part of my daily routine.  And not doing it for like four days is like a torture.  It was hard to be honest but I do not have any choice because no internet connection at the province.  If there is connection and the signal of my Internet Provider is excellent, I would surely bring with me my laptop and broadband so I am updated on what is happening online, also checking and updating my blogs.

Anyways, four days vacation is over and I enjoyed it very much.  It really feels good to do nothing but relaxing, nothing to worry about and enjoying life offline.  I so missed doing the things that I used to do before I started my online career (blogging).  But since blogging is part of my life now and been doing it for almost five years, without laptop and internet connection is a torture.  But without it, on Holy Week is really nice.  It is the best time for me to meditate, rest, pray (for more blog opportunities in the coming days…AMEN!), and enjoy quiet moments especially at the province.  I did have peace of mind at the province.  I would surely do this again and again.

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