To wake them up

School year 2015-2016 has just started.  The kids will be waking up early again to get ready for school.  As usual, their father will wake them up every morning.  I have told the nieces to wake up on their own because they are old already.  I also told them to set the alarm of their phones, but they are not listening because they know that their father will wake them up.  I wanted them to be more responsible and not so dependent.  It would be best if they could wake up on their own, and get ready for school while their father is preparing breakfast and their lunch box.

I thought of buying alarm clock.  Since they are not listening to me when I told them to set the alarm of their phones, an alarm will wake them up.  This would be a perfect training for them to wake up on their own when the alarm rings.  We used the same method before because our mother is no longer around to wake us up and father is always out of the city for job.  When I get used to wake up early, I wake up before the alarm rings.  Hopefully the alarm clock is the perfect method for the girls to get use of waking up early.

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Encourage them to read books and go to the library

Even though I said that I will not help them with their assignments so that they won’t be dependent on us. I want them to their homework’s on their own. I believe that from doing so, they will be more independent, also, for them to be studios. They do not have to wait for us to help them. Just like what I have experience when I was at their age. No one is helping me doing my assignments. It is hard at first but eventually I am able to do it alone. I have to depend on myself alone. I can say that I am more friendly to books and fond of going to the library.

However, as the modern technology sits in going to the library to research and doing homework, students go directly to the internet cafe, or facing the computer at home to research. They are more dependent on the computers and internet. It is sad, but it is the reality now. We have to adopt the advantage and advancement of modern technology. This is what my nieces do every time they have homework. They are too lazy to open their books, read books and going to the library. They always ask favor from me if I could allow them to use my laptop to do research about their assignments. I do not like them being too lazy to open book and go to the library but I do not have choice. I have to let them so they can do their homework. Even so, I always tell them and encourage them to read their books and go to the library to their homework because too much dependent to computer/internet is not good.

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To wake them up

When I was in my elementary, I learned to wake up early to prepare for school.  My mother is no longer around to fix our breakfast, school uniforms, shoes and everything before going to school.  We have to do it on our own because the mother passed away early.  We do not have alarm clock then, so we have to set our mind and eyes to wake up early.  We became more responsible individual because we do not anyone to defend on.  My father was always out of town because of his job and comes back every weekend.  It was an early burden for us, but still I am thankful because we learned to be independent.

I am saying this because the nieces, does not wake up on their own.  In fact they have several absences at school because they did not able to wake up early.  They only defend on their father to wake them up.  However, there are instances that their father is so tired from work and did not able to wake up even with the noise from the alarm clock.  Due to this incident/s I thought of buying an alarm clock for the girls.  When I was at their age I manage to set my mind and eyes to wake up early, and I guess they can do it too.  It would be simpler for them if we have alarm clock for them.  We can use the advancement of the technology today.  So, I will buy alarm clock soon to help them wakes up.

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The cell phone for their daughters

 photo 0d8469b0-48fb-402e-9f06-ff1726c183d7_zps1a60b2d0.jpgFinally, the SIL bought cell phone for their daughters to monitor them while at school.  The planned of buying two phones was not push through due to some family issues, at least they are able to buy one cell phone for the girls.  Besides only the eldest of my brother will use the phone.  Even though they will be using only one phone, the girls are still happy because the phone that was bought for them is the phone that they so want to have.  It is touch screen and has lots of games installed.  They were so excited to tell me that they have phone and it is touch screen.

The phone is really nice and is also tempting to snatchers/thief.  I told the SIL that it is not safe to allow them to bring the new phone because no one knows when someone got interested and stole it.  The brother and SIL then decide to give the old phone to the girls instead.  It is not really safe to give to them the new phone.  Prevention is better that cure.  The older nieces did not like it but she has nothing to do with it because her parents’ decision is final.  She can use it though on weekends.  The above photo is the phone that was newly bought.

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Having their own mobile phones

The brother is thinking of buying his daugthers a mobile phones so that they can easily be contacted at school, also because the nieces are practising to go home on their own.  We do not like the idea, however, to make the nieces gain confidence and independence, we agreed.  But after knowing that lots of valuable stuffs are gone missing, the brother decided not to, besides the sister teaches at the school where the nieces are studying.  She can check on the kids from time to time.  But one day, the niece did not able to go home early because of the heavy rain.  We are so worried because it is already six in the evening and she is not home yet.  She supposed to be home at 4:30 in the afternoon.

The brother went to their school to check on her.  But she is not there.  Minutes passed after six in the evening, the niece arrives.  Our worries are gone because he arrives home safely.  She really knows how to go home alone, just that she stuck up in traffic because of the heavy rains.  Because of what had happened, the brother decided to really buy his daughters a mobile phone so they can be contacted when bad things happened and to check on them whenever they are not home on the expected time.

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