Finally bought a new mouse

One of the shallow reason why I am too lazy to open my laptop and update my blogs is because I do not have mouse.  My old mouse just stopped working.  The timing is bad because I do not have extra to buy a new one.  I wanted to buy a mouse that is of good quality so it will last longer.  I have waited for like a month to finally bought a new mouse.  I have bought my new mouse a week ago, but use it just now.  I have the time today to update my blogs, check on my blogs and my emails.

Today is the first day of the year.  New year to enjoy and new year to get more blogging opportunitied. Praying for fruitful year in blogging world.  Anyways, I love my new mouse.  I like the color and the size is perfect, not big and not small to hold.  Hopefully, this mouse will last longer and will serve me long! Well, it really depends on how am I going to take care of it.  I will surely put it away from the reach of the kids. The old mouse was accidentally fell on the floor because the nephew grabs it while playing in my room.  I should be very careful and keep my things away from them especially my laptop.

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The mouse stops working

A few days ago, my mouse fell on the floor because my nephews are playing in my room.  The four-year-old nephew jumping on the bed and accidentally hit the mouse that is on the top of my computer table beside my bed.  I get angry at the oldest niece because I always told them to not play jumping on my bed.  The right side of the mouse slightly opens and I tried to fix it.  I am glad that after fixing it the mouse still functioning.  However, last night when I am doing my online routine, the mouse just stops working. I have tried to fix it myself but this time it does not work.  My gracious, I do not have extra to buy the new one.

I am sad because I do not have the extra mouse, and I am not comfortable using a touchpad.  I can have finished my online routine fast using the mouse.  But now that I do not have the mouse, it will be difficult for me to do my online routine.  I am glad that my sister in on leave.  I borrowed her mouse for the meantime since it is her son who broke my, I also asked the sister if I could borrow money too so I can buy the new mouse for my laptop.  I am still waiting for her answer till now.  I should have asked her to give to me her mouse then.haha!

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I need a new mouse

My laptop now is back to normal.  It is just reformatted and now the loading is fast.  I am just sad that some of my files were lost.  The technician was not able to save it and I do not want to hear his reason because it will not bring back the old files and photos.  What is more important to me now is that I can do my online stuff without delays because it loaded so fast.  I am not seeing the not responding pop up every time I am opening a site.  I can do my job now fast and finished early.  The thought of buying a new laptop is not an option as of the moment.

After the issue of my laptop, now the mouse is acting weird.  It is very true that problems do come after the other.arghs!  The mouse is not functioning well.  I end up throwing it on the floor.  I guess I need to buy a new mouse for my laptop.  And this means another expense.  My goodness, I am spending a lot on first quarter of the year.  As of now, I am using the mouse of my sister.  Tomorrow I will be using again my sick mouse.  Hopefully, I can buy a new one this weekend because the old mouse really needs to rest.  It has been four years I think of working with me.

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