Thank you for fixing the antenna

The ASEAN Games 2014 in Incheon South Korea started two weeks ago. The country is sending delegates there to compete with other Asian countries. I promised to watch the games that the country has participates and give my support even if I am not there personally. The local channel has authorized to have the coverage of the games. There are two channels showing the coverage. One is showing live coverage and the other one is delayed. I prefer to watch the live coverage however; the channel that airs the live coverage has poor reception.

It is frustrating because I cannot watch clearly the games. I guess there is something wrong with our antenna. I asked the brother to fix it but he can’t go up on out roof because he is heavy. If I can, I can do it myself but I am so scared. sigh* Good thing a guy neighbour who is a good friend of mine, passes in our house. Even if it is embarrassing, still I asked him if he could do me a favor. I told him the favor I ask and I am glad that he is willing to fix our antenna. He went up on our roof and with the direction of my brother the reception is better. We can watch the live games on ASEAN Games clearly now. Thank you neighbor for the favor. God bless you more.

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Called for help

I was playing with my nephew early this evening when my neighbor called me.  I am hesitant to come at first since we are not that close because seldom go out of the house.  When I came closer to her, she asked me if I can help her on how to start up her computer.  She doesn’t know where to put those wires and afraid that it will explode if connect it wrongly.

I am pleased to call for a help by a neighbor.  I did try my best and just remember what connection I did to my desktop.  Thanks to God that I am able to connect all the wiring at the back of her computer.  It is a good feeling really to help someone even just a simple one.  Seeing the smiling face of my neighbor and a thank you word is very uplifting.  She is smiling when I go home and excited to sit down in front of her computer.

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