No images captured

Pictures are one of the proofs in every activity, events, celebrations, travels and occasions that reminds us of the memories.  It is great to look back about the happenings in the past looking at the pictures, right?  That is why we always take pictures as remembrance.  I do like looking at pictures once in a while, in my leisure time and when I feel lonely.  Every time there is especial events, travel, occasion in the family, I always see to it that I captures everything for remembrance.  To me pictures are treasures to keep forever.  This is the reason I bought my own camera to bring with me wherever I go.

Last Saturday was the summer bonding of the family.  I keep my camera ready and charge the battery.  At the beach, I took lots of pictures of the family on the beach, playing cards, the kids enjoying the water, the room where we stayed, leaving the beach and the 160 steps stairs.  I enjoyed capturing the family while sweating on the stairs, and enjoyed looking at the photos before turning off the camera.  When we reached home and about to upload the photos to my laptop, I am surprised that some of the images was not captured, all I can see is white color.  I am pretty sure it was there because I am checking photos from time to time.  I felt really sad because 19 photos are gone.  I am sad because the missing photos are those that I like the  most.  The memories are only recorded in our minds.  Next time I’ll be careful and make sure I captured it correctly.

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