Minimize playing

My nephews are so addicted in playing games on gadgets because it is not good.  I want them to play more on the toys they have and practice writing more.  But kids now are so techie.  I told the sister already to keep her gadgets away from them, if possible hide it from them just like what I did.  It is best to interact with people than playing more time on gadgets.  However, sometimes I allow them to play especially if I am busy and I want them to stay still and stay inside the house than go running outside.  Partially, gadgets does help the kids stay still.  Well, in my nephews case.haha!

Now that class has started, kids have to minimize playing with gadgets.  So they can focus more on their studies.  Especially to my three years old nephew who is the most addict among the kids at home.  Also, I have to minimize playing too.  I have to set a good example so it should start from me.  I can play and hold my gadget when they are not around and on their afternoon nap.  I do not have much time with it though for I will be busy sending and fetching the kids from school.  And in the afternoon I am helping them doing their homework and teaching the three year old nephew how to write and stuffs.  More duties ahead of me now.  Give me more strength Lord!

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