Catching it up online

Yesterday was the finale of the show Asia’s Next Top Model.  And I am so happy that the country’s representative bagged the most coveted title.  For the past four cycle, the country’s representative failed to bag the title, but they do make it to the top three.  I must say that Philippine is a strong contender.  They are a threat to other contestants.  At some point, I do not feel like watching the show because of what had happened to the previous representatives.  But because I am a fan, I am still watching and supporting the contender from the Philippines, my country.

The Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 has just ended.  I am so happy that the country’s representative brings home the bacon.  I missed some episodes because of show conflicts.  We only have one television at home, and I do not have the full authority.  I do not feel bad at all every time I missed an episode because I can catch up by watching it online.  Thanks to my internet connection and to this modern technology.  I can watch it all over again.  Anyways, congratulations to Maureen Wroblewitz for winning the Asia’s Next Top Model.  She may be bullied by other contestants, but she stood still and proved to them that she deserves to be there and proves to them that she is more than a pretty face.

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