Good thing it is still there

The father, brother and I went to visit the wake of our relatives last night.  Five minutes after we arrived at the house of our relatives, the brother noticed that her mobile phone is missing.  OMG! The brother’s face is so worried because his phone is only 18 months old.  Because he cannot find the phone inside the house, the brother decided to go out and headed back where we are walking on our way to the relative’s house.  The brother found his phone on the road few steps away from the relative’s house.  Good thing that no one is around and the phone is still there because if there is anyone there passes by I am pretty sure the brother won’t be able to find his phone anymore.

He was checking the wallet of his shorts when he walks back at the house of the relatives.  He then find out that his pocket has a hole.  I guess his phone fell when he puts it inside the pocket of his shorts.  The brother really scared after noticing that his phone is not in his pocket.  What had happened gives the brother a lesson.  First, is to make sure that the pocket does not hole before putting coins/money of mobile phone inside.  Second, is to immediately sew the tear the pockets of your shorts and pants.

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