Educational videos for the nephew

Although the four-year-old nephew is showing some development at school, still he has difficulty is distinguishing some things.  He can’t tell or point out what is short and tall, big and small, and few and many.  Those things are not yet program in his mind.  I am trying my best to help him in distinguishing those things but it is difficult for him.  I am having a hard time teaching him and making him understand.  I so wish I have the ability and ideas to do it.  I wish I am a teacher so I know the approach.  I know that the nephew is still four years old, he has the time to distinguish them all, but I do not have patience to wait.  I felt that the nephew is so far behind from his classmates.  He can easily catch up on some things though, just that their current lesson is too hard for him.

I have talked to my sister about it so that she will find a ways to help her son since she is a teacher.  I told her to buy me a white board and white board pen for us to review his lessons at home.  Also, told her to buy or draw objects on different sizes and shapes for us to have an easy lesson at home.  However, the sister decided to just download videos about shapes and sizes.  It would be easy for my nephew to understand.  Her mother will do the same thing when the nephew is about to enter preschool.  He is watching videos about alphabet and their sounds and numbers.  It is easy to catch the nephew’s attention too.  Hopefully the sister will download more educational videos soon so we can our review too.

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Teaching him how to count numbers

Most of the time, it’s only my nephew and I left in the house.  He got bored playing the same toys everyday that is why he is bugging me while I am doing my online stuffs.  I cannot concentrate doing my stuffs because he always grabbed my hands.  I am thinking of giving him something to do for him to be busy.  At first I am giving him a pen and a paper.  He shred the paper and writing on his hands and legs.  Makes him look a messy one and more mess for me to clean because the papers he shred are on the floor.

Since I cannot concentrate doing my things, I stay away from the computer and decided to teach him how to count numbers.  He listens to me attentively and looking at my fingers while I am counting.  I am repeating counting from 1 to 10 when grabbed my hands and give me his hands.  He wants me to count using his fingers.  His innocence is so cute that makes me smiles a lot.  I did use his fingers to count numbers and after several times, he can count from 1 to 4.  We will have another counting lesson tomorrow for him.  I will teach him more for him to get ready when he goes to school.

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