Opted not to have it fixed

The newly bought tablet of my sister is broken after accidentally fell on the floor.  The screen is broken and the LCD.  Same thing happened to my tablet before.  It is still under warranty too, and it only cost me 1,000 pesos for the broken LCD.  Because it is under warranty, she brought it to the customer service.  We are expecting the same amount for the LCD but the attendant told us that they do not have available LCD.  They have to send the tablet back to their main branch to have it fixed.  But the sister told them to inform her if there is available LCD and how much it will cost.

The days ago, the company called the sister and told her of the amount of the LCD.  We were shocked because the amount of the LCD is almost the same amount of the unit/tablet.  They explained to her why it cost a bit high.  The sister is sad.  She just told the attendant to just send back the unit/tablet because the amount is not acceptable.haha!  She opted not to have it fixed there.  She felt sad for what had happened to her tablet.  I just told herr to just let it passed and just charge it to experience.  We will look for a technician though that can fixed it and have the same LCD with lesser amount.  It will take time though, but we have enough patience.haha!

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