Back to hand wash

Our washing machine is 23 years old already.  It serves us for more than two decades.  It helps me a lot in doing my laundry because I do not need to handwash the jeans, bed sheets, and curtain.  Plus it has a spin dryer, so my laundry gets dry fast.  The washing machine lasted this long because I do not overused it too.  I only used it twice a week and never forgot to clean it after using.  But when my brother and his family moved in the house, the service of our washing machine is doubled.  I am not blaming them though because 23 years is more than enough.  The washing machine is now retired and will rest soon.

Because our washing is retired, I am afraid I have to go back to basic.  I have to do hand wash doing my laundry.  Thinking about it makes me want to cry because washing the jeans, curtain and bed sheets by hand won’t be easy.  I will see the wound in my wrist again like before.  I talked to my father about buying new washing machine but he said no.  Makes me want to cry harder and louder.  But I will never stop asking my father to buy a new washing machine.  I hope he will say yes before the old washing machine will be retired totally.  Crossing my fingers again!

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Doing my laundry

I do my laundry every Saturday.  But looking at the basket where I put my laundry, it is overflowing.  I cannot wait till Saturday or else it will double my laundry.  My laundry basket needs my attention as soon as possible.  Since I sleep late, I decided to do my laundry tonight.  I cannot do it on day time because my nephew will bug me.  Multi-tasking is what I am doing right now.  I am going here and there as of the moment.  Facing the computer then doing my laundry when is the washing machine stops.  I am almost done doing my laundry and almost done with my online tasks.  How is that?  Good luck to me.:-)

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