Minimize playing

My nephews are so addicted in playing games on gadgets because it is not good.  I want them to play more on the toys they have and practice writing more.  But kids now are so techie.  I told the sister already to keep her gadgets away from them, if possible hide it from them just like what I did.  It is best to interact with people than playing more time on gadgets.  However, sometimes I allow them to play especially if I am busy and I want them to stay still and stay inside the house than go running outside.  Partially, gadgets does help the kids stay still.  Well, in my nephews case.haha!

Now that class has started, kids have to minimize playing with gadgets.  So they can focus more on their studies.  Especially to my three years old nephew who is the most addict among the kids at home.  Also, I have to minimize playing too.  I have to set a good example so it should start from me.  I can play and hold my gadget when they are not around and on their afternoon nap.  I do not have much time with it though for I will be busy sending and fetching the kids from school.  And in the afternoon I am helping them doing their homework and teaching the three year old nephew how to write and stuffs.  More duties ahead of me now.  Give me more strength Lord!

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The Four Kids

A week ago the nanny of my nine months old nephew just left.  My sister asked me to take care of her son whiles her husband and her is at work.  They are still looking for a new nanny and I hope they will find one soon.  I am taking care of my brother’s three kids plus my sister makes it four kids.  Yes, I have the four kids to attend to to make my day happy, messy and tiring.

Today is Friday and unfortunately, no class for my two nieces.  They school will be having boy scout camping that is why no classes for girls.  After hearing that the nieces will be around, all I can do is to sigh.  These two nieces of mine is always fighting and always tease their younger brother.   I thought that the house is full of kids around because we are so noisy.  Yelling and shouting in out four cornered house.  My day was so busy because of these fours kids.  I am very tired indeed,  I do love kids but today I felt like quitting.  Even though I did not able to make my online stuff earlier, I am still happy because I am able to handle four kids at once.  These four adorable kids who makes my day even brighter even if it is very tiring.

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Pink Friday # 19: On the Big Rock


These are my brother’s kid that I have been babysitting for years now.  Been baby sitting them since the day they were born up to present.  Last two weeks ago, we were watching street dancing here in the city.   After watching the parade, they were so tired but enjoyed the parade.  This is how they look with all the sweats and the heat of the sun that embracing  They were sitting on the big stone at the park whiles I thought of a place where we could eat our lunch.  I asked them to compressed and come closer together for a photo.  I am glad that they were cooperative even if they are  tired and complaining of the heat of the sun.

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Pink Friday #13: The Kids


p style=”text-align: justify;”>Last three days ago I was looking at the pictures in the camera when I think of taking a pictures of the kids that I have been babysitting for years already.  These are the kids of my brother and the baby is the son of my sister.  I am babysitting these four kids as of the moment.  They are the one who gives the family smiles, noise, mess and love.  The lovely angels that brings the happiness in the family.  I am so happy because I was looking for a good picture to share today and luckily I got this one.
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