Internet Connection Notice

I am enjoying doing my stuffs online when I got a message from my internet provider.  The message was to inform me that I did not pay yet my internet bill.  It was a notice telling me that I have to pay my overdue bill.  Gosh, how come I forgot to pay my internet bill?  My internet bill overdue five days ago.  I ask the sister about it.  She forgot to give me the bill that was sent two weeks ago.  I understand her because sister is a bit busy doing the papers for her students.  She thought she gave it to me already.  And I thought I already pay it.  My goodness, we are so forgetful.  Where getting aged I guess.  Smiley

I hate receiving notice, but this time I appreciated the importance of the notification letters/messages.  It simply remind us of the overlooked account that we forgot to notice.  I am glad I still have the money in my pocket enough to pay my internet connection bill.  Well, I still have time to pay for they gave me grace period to settle my account.  Internet connection is one of the importance things in my life since I started blogging.  And no internet connection for just one day is like a year for me.  I will pay soon for me to still be connected.


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