Higher Speed Connection

I have been thinking of transferring to different internet provider many times already everything I am experiencing a slow connection.  But have not decided yet where to transfer because most of my friends told me to just stick to my current provider.  They have the same issue with their internet provider and advised me not to transfer.  If only there is another internet provider that have better and faster connection, we surely transferred right away.  It is not easy for me also to transfer because I have been using this connection for four years already.  I have no issue before but lately, I am experiencing slow connection.

Last week, my internet provider contacted my sister and offered this new connection with higher speed and better Mbps.  My sister told me about it since I am the one using the internet.  The offer is good and that made me decide to instead of moving to different internet provider, I would stay with my current provider and just upgrade my subscription to higher speed.  My new internet connection with higher speed just installed yesterday and I tried it already.  So far the connection made me smile.  I hope that I won’t encounter the same issue before.  I wouldn’t mind paying additional bill as long as I am happy and satisfied with my subscription.

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For the fifth time I think

I do not really know what is wrong with my internet provider.  They have been cutting-off my internet connection even if I have already paid my bills.  Just last week they cut off my connection again.  This is for the fifth time.  I am really angry because I wont be able to do my online stuffs.  My niece has research assignment and she can’t do it because I do not have internet connection.  I am really confused because I already paid my internet connection and they sent me message that they have to cut off their service because I have unpaid bill.

I do not have internet connection for three days.  I am so busy at home and taking care of my nephews.  I do not have time yet to go to my internet provider and settle the issue of my connection.  I am so worried if I have writing jobs.  I went to my internet provider after three days and asked them what is wrong.  I asked them to check my account and my bill.  They said it is alright.  They just told me to contact costumer service.  And because I am so angry I yelled at the attendant.  And she told me she will call their main branch and will settle my connection right away.

My internet connection is back now and I thought of transferring to different internet provider.arghs!

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Typhoons messing up my internet connection

It really pisses me off when the weather is not good because my internet connection would be affected.  I will not be able to do my online stuffs because I cannot connect.  It happens all the time though especially when typhoon/s is hitting the country.  But still I am not getting used to it because it happens when I have lots of things to finish online.  At first, every time it happens I keep on calling the customer service of my internet provider, and they told me that it is because of the bad weather.  So, when the weather is bad, I already know what will happen to my internet connection.

This week, a couple of typhoons is hitting the country and so my internet connection would be affected.  It really messes up my internet connection.  I did not able to update my blogs for a couple of days because I do not like to write when the connection is not good.  Though I have saved some of my writings, still thinking that I won’t be able to post it right away makes me sad.  Yet, I am still blessed that only my internet connection is affected, because some of my countrymen are suffering from heavy rains, floods, some houses are ruined, and the likes.  To the affected areas, keep safe everyone.  Will pray for your safety.

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Internet connection is acting badly

I know this is not a new post because I have posted about having problem with my internet connection before.  But what I have experience now is worse.  I can’t login and can’t browse a single browser.  I always see this “Connection was reset” in my screen.  I am screaming, uttering bad words, and complaining to my friends about my bat internet connection.  But those does not help at all.  I guess I have to go to my provider to let them aware about my internet connection’s acting badly lately.  I am just worried that they will tell me the same thing.  Yes, I have complained more than once for the pass months already and they just told me that they are fixing the technical issues.  Which I do not know what it is all about.

The thought of they will just give me the same reason, I opted not to go to the providers office.  I just be patient and wait till the window is fully loaded.  It takes minutes really, but there is nothing I can do.  I’ll be going to their office to pay my bill.  I will take the opportunity again to tell them about my internet connection issues then.  I hope they will give me different answer/reason.  And hopefully my internet will be better.

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Twice in a row

Two days ago at exactly nine in the morning, I am all set to start my online stuffs when suddenly internet connection was disconnected.  I just thought it is because of bad weather.  I waited minutes then restart again.  After clicking the connect button, a prompt pop ups and says, my internet connection was terminated.  What?  How could that be?  I paid on time. arghs!  My day was messed up!  I have lots of things to do and I do not have internet connection.  Even if I do not have any plans of going out, I hurriedly fixed myself and went to the office of my internet provider.  I complain about the status of my internet connection.  The same thing I did when they cut-off my internet connection a month ago.  This month is actually the second time that they terminated my connection without prior noticed.

I paid on time and their service is not that good.  I felt like I want to explode but I have to be calm.  I am thinking of transferring to another internet provider but I cannot because I am under three years contract.  sigh!  The reason I cannot just ask them to disconnect it permanently.  This is twice in a row and I hope no more termination case after this.  I don’t think I can be calm if it happens three times.  Anyways, my internet connection got fixed at four in the afternoon.  Seven hours of no connection at all is killing me.  I really hope no more issues like this in the near future.

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