Hope they will not disconnect me yet

Argsh!  Laziness strikes me today.  I am supposed to go to the mall to pay my internet bills today.  But after church I do not want to go out anymore.  I feel the need to get some more rest and sleep for I got too tired this week.  I have an overdue account and my internet provider already sent me message to settle my overdue account to continue using their service.  The new bill will be sent soon that is why they are sending me message to avoid disconnection.  I am used to it and I do not mind if they will cut off my connection.  I can go settle it if disconnection happens.LOL!

I am being irresponsible again of my bills.  I have this habit of procrastination.  Most of the time I pay bills on the due date.  I am a last minute payer.  Well, I cannot go out during weekdays because I babysit two nephews.  In the morning I have to send and fetch the kids from school.  In the afternoon, instead of going out I like to take the chance to rest and catch up from sleeping.  On weekends, I prefer to stay at home to rest as well.  Sometimes I pay my bill at the mall during Sundays, but today I felt lazy to go out.  I went to the sister if she will go to the mall and asked if she could pay my bill for me.  I am glad she agreed but last minute she changed her mind.  I guess I have to pay my internet bill next weekend.  Hopefully they will not disconnect me this week.

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