The shop that worth to visit

I have visited shops that sells guitar here in the city and browsing in the internet where I can find nice guitar that I could suggest to my friend who is searching for a nice guitar to buy. His old guitar was broke by his uncle when he did not able to do the thing that his uncle wants him to do. He is sad but admits that he deserves it. Anyways, he’s been checking out of where to buy nice guitar too but haven’t decided yet. I wanted to help that is why I am checking online too. Luckily I found the best fender custom shop and checking it already and I so liked it. I can tell that the shop is worth to visit, so am going to tell it to my friend to help him decide of the best guitar to buy. Soon, am will be hearing him play guitar again. This time, he will be a good nephew to his uncle.

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Strumming my favorite

Among the musical instruments, I think the most famous and loved by many is the guitar.  Why?  Because there are lots of people who plays guitar and would love to learn how to play it.  I guess this is the most friendly musical instruments because the chords is very easy to learn.  Learning this instrument is very easy, you can just buy a guide-book and you can start practicing at home.  This is what I do before.  But I stopped for a while .  Hopefully I will find time to continue practicing how to play guitar.  I think playing musical instrument at home like guitar is one way of releasing stress and kills the boredom.  I do have this feeling sometimes since I stay at home most of the time.  Doing the same thing over and over is kinda boring.  Playing guitar sometimes could help me in releasing the boredom.  One day I will pursue this learning and hopefully will buy my favorite Epiphone Casino guitar.  I am pretty sure would love to strum my favorite guitar ever.

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For Church Musical Instrument

Here in the village where I live, the homeowners association conducted a meeting about the proposed musical instrument like guitar that would be donated at the chapel.  This is for the choir to use during the mass.  The choir does have musical instrument that donated by those generous villagers.  However, they need at least two guitars now because the guitar that they are using now is a bit old.  Although it is still usable but they preferred to have a new one.  The old one be used during practice and the new one would be during the fellowship, mass and other activities at the chapel.

The homeowners association does received donations already.  Once the money realized, they would buy Takamine Guitars for church.  Perfect musical instrument for the choir to use.  The choir would definitely loves to practice more especially that they would be using a nice, good quality and wonderful guitars.

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