Pink Friday #11: Rides at the Park

It’s Friday once again, it is time to share pink stuffs.  The color that girls do love.  Girly color and girly stuffs, that is the best way to describe color pink.  And here is my share:


These are the three gremlins that I babysit for years.  My brother’s kids that makes my day brighter, darker, tired, mess but happy.  Yes, though they are fighting and messy they do makes me laugh and brings smile on my face.   The picture above was taken when we went to the park to spend time with them.  Their parents are both working and seldom to spend time with them like this.  I took a picture of them having fun and enjoying the rides at the park.  They do not mind the heat of the sun, all they want to do is to have fun and enjoy the day.

Happy Pink Friday and Happy Weekend Everyone!

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