The microphone is gone

This Saturday is the fiesta in our village.  We are busy listing the things we need to buy, cleaning the house, listing the foods we will prepare, people to invites, checking the speakers, sound system for the sing-a-long siesta and many more.  The older brother is busy checking the speakers, sound system, the DVD player and the microphone.  But he noticed that the microphone is missing.  He called my attention and asked me where did the microphone go.  I do not know what to answer because I do not know where it is.  The last time we have our sing-a-long session was a month ago, and it was his birthday.

I looked every corner of the house but I did not find the microphone.  How can we have our sing-a-long session this Saturday without microphone?  The brother is angry and yelling.  I wish I knew where is the microphone.  I am still looking for the missing microphone though, I still have three days left.  If I can’t find it on Friday, I will just tell the brother because he said he will buy new one so the fiesta celebration would be enjoyable and fun.  To the microphone, please show up and stop hiding.

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