Mobile Phone with Television

My father does have two phones already, one for his personal number and one for his business.  He bought his mobile phone for business five months ago.  And his other phone is three years ago.  Just recently, my SIL bought a new touchscreen phone with television feature.  It is really a nice phone and it is very much affordable.  My father looks at it and said he likes buy the same kind of phone.  I was like, WHAT?  How can he manage to have three phones?  Haha!  He sounds like a teenager who wants to have the latest on gadgets.

Well, my father’s just really like the television feature of the phone.  To him it would be nice to have this kind of phone because wherever he is, he can still watch his favorite show and can watch basketball games.  In a way, he is right; however having another phone is not practical.  At his age, he should instead save money than spending.  Besides it is not really a need.  It’s just a wants and soon he will gets bored on it.  I guess it would be more entertaining to have more games on the phone.  That’s what I did with my phone.  When I felt bored, I just select the game I want and play till I am feed up.  I really hope that my father will change his mind.  Also, I would suggest downloading more games to his phones.

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