Broken Remote Control

Our life today is so easy and fast compared before.  With all the developments and progress we are more dependent on new technologies.  It sometimes makes us lazy I must say.  Perfect example of this technology that makes us a bit lazy is by using remote control while watching television.  I remember before when we have our first television, there is no remote control.  We do transferring channels manually and adjusting the volume manually.

But what happens to us when this remote control broke?

This is what had happened to our remote control.  My nephew throw it that the remote control of our television breaks into pieces.  As expected my father got angry because of what had happened.  He spanked the hands of my nephew.  What is so funny is that my nephew just laughed at him.  My father has this habit of transferring from one channel to another that is why he got really mad.  He is used to using remote control and I guess do not want to go come near the television to change the channel.

Moral lesson of this story is not too dependent with these new technologies we are using these days because if we do, we get angry so easily.  Like what happened to my father who is used to using remote control.

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