Becoming a techie father

My father is not the techie.  He is not into social media and other stuff concerning the social media.  But because of his friends who have accounts on Facebook and active in social, he is eager to know about Facebook. He is a member of a certain group and most of their pictures when they have activities is shared on Facebook.  That is why he wants to buy the android phone and make the account on Facebook.  He wanted me to make him account on Facebook, but I refused because I do not have enough patience teaching.  My father is 70 years old, and teaching him will take time.  Don’t think that I am a bad daughter, just that he is too old for that.

With the help of my niece, his granddaughter, my father has the Facebook account now using her phone.  He has friends already and saw some pictures posted on Facebook.  And last week, my father finally bought an android phone.  I accompany him buying his phone because he wants me to pick a phone for him.  I picked a budget-friendly and user-friendly phone so my father not having a hard time operating it.  So far, he is enjoying his new phone and enjoying the downloaded games.  My father is happy with his new phone.  He bothers me sometimes, but it is fine because he is learning little by little.

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Interested to buy Non-Stick Frying Pan

One of the things that my father does when he wakes up in the morning is to turn on the television.  He likes to watch the latest news even if it makes him angry most of the time especially when the news is all about politics, oil price hike and drugs.  I must say he is so affected with these issues that is why I told him to stop watching news for it makes him angry and will trigger high blood pressure.  But still watching for this is his way of easing the boredom at home.

One day he got bored of hearing the same news over and over again.  While watching television he keeps on changing channels until he bumps into shop tv channel.  The shop tv is introducing the non-stick frying pan.  It is a set at a lesser price.  He got interested and does not change channel on that day.  After watching the show, he told me that he is interested to buy the non-stick frying pan set.  He copied the contact number also.  I do not know what comes in his mind that he is so interested to buy it.  The advertisement is effective because it got my father’s attention.  It got me so excited too to try this non-stick frying pan soon.  It will for sure makes my cooking job easy especially when frying fish, pork, eggs, and the likes.  Happy cooking so to speak.

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Wanting a phone with television this Christmas

My father does have two phones, one for his business and one for personal use. But I guess he is not contented with his two phones anymore. He wants to have new phone this Christmas with television features. His reasons are that sometimes he wants to watch show on television in his room, also when he go outs, he can still watch his favorite show through phone. My sister and I don’t agree with him buying new phone but after hearing his reasons, we have to say yes. Besides he is using his And he wants a new phone as a gift for himself this Christmas.

Tomorrow is the day my father will buy new phone. We will go directly to the mall after withdrawing his pension. And of course he wants me to accompany him because he is lack of knowledge of what would be the best brand to buy. I insisted to buy myself so he won’t get tired but he wants to see it himself. Told me that, what if he doesn’t like the look and style of the phone. I guess my father do not trust my taste.haha Anyways, in exchange of accompanying him the father will treat me in my favorite fast foods and will buy something for the kids. One of the things that I appreciate much about my father is that he shares his pension through buying foods/treats for the family.

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To make the nights comfortable

After the father reached the age if 60, he is very sickly.  Though he is not in and out of the hospital, which is good but sometimes his illness gives him too much pain.  He cannot move and walk normally because his feet and knee are swelling because of arthritis.  We are not expecting that the father will be in this worse situation.  Every time her feels the call of nature, the brother and I will carry him to go to the bathroom. We felt pity for him because he is in pain every time we carry him.  If only we  have adult chamber pot and diaper to use.  After what had happened, the family decided to buy those things for when the father will get sick again, we have chamber pot and diaper to use.  We do not need to carry him to the bathroom anymore. Two weeks of carrying him in the bathroom is very difficult especially that the father weight of the father is a bit heavy. 

What had happened gives us the idea to be ready always.  The father is not getting any younger and attacked by his sickness from time to time.  We thought of buying the things like diaper that father will need if he gets sick at MoliCare products at ParentGiving. The most important to have so that we do not have to carry him to the bathroom if he wants to pee and defecate. Wearing diaper at night will make the father sleep comfortably.  It is not easy when our aged parents and elderly get sick especially if we do not know what to do.  Just like what had happened to us when the father gets really sick first time.  We learned from that experienced though, but I guess it is not enough.  We have to learn many things in taking care of our aged parents and elderly.  I am glad that has various articles which we could read to learn and to get an idea of what we are going to do next time.

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Thanks Air Freshener

My father is not feeling well.  After several days of going outside with bad weather he got sick.  This is the one thing that I do not want to happen because he is like a drama king when he is sick.  I know he is my father but that thing makes me sick.arghs!  Not much to say, because of him being sick and very slow, he throw up on the floor.  It makes my day worsen.  I can clean all kinds of dirt but not puke.  I am very sensitive when it comes to that.  I felt or might throw up also because of the gross smell.  It brings a not so nice smell in the dining area.  Our house is not that big so the smell will easily spread out.  I am I still has air freshener in the drawer.  I sprayed it around the dining room and on the floor.  Thanks to air freshener the house smells good now.

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