Loving the new feature

Everyday I have to wake up early because I have to send the nephew to school.  One morning, I woke up an hour early.  I tried to go back to sleep but I cannot.  Instead of forcing myself to go back to sleep, I took my phone and started browsing on Facebook and checking my emails.  It has become my daily routine I must say.  When I wake up, I go get my phone and check on emails, checking notifications on Facebook or watching Korean drama that is downloaded on Facebook.  I really appreciate the happiness this modern technology brings.  Just do not over use or so dependent on it.

Anyways, when I open my Facebook it says that I need to update to.  Another feature is coming up.  After the update I saw this Go Live application/feature on Facebook under status.  This is may be the apps that my friend is using for I have seen her status saying that she is live.  It looks interesting.  I have tried it once last Sunday and it was fun.  I was live on Facebook waking up the nieces for early church.   I really like this feature/application.  I seldom post an update on my profile but will surely make an update using this Go Live feature.  You should try it Facebook users because it is fun.

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Cleaning her Facebook Friends

My niece is new to Facebook world.  Her classmate made her an account because I do not want to make one for her.  She got mad when I told her that she is too young to engage in social media life.  I told her that she has to wait when she turns 18 because this is the age required to make an account on Facebook.  And because her friends are into Facebook, she asked her friend to make her an account.  The niece now has Facebook account.  There is no use of arguing.  I just told her to be careful.  I warned her to be careful in adding friends because there are bad people on Facebook.  And there are rape cases happens because of the people they meet on Facebook (online).

Because I am worried of my niece I keep on checking his activities on social media.  I check her friends and post from time to time to make sure she is okay.  I also checked her friends especially her guy friends to make sure she is safe.  I am surprised because in just two months she has lots of friends compared to me.  I asked her if she knows all the friends she added on her list and she said no.  She has lots of guy friends she added and she did not know most of them.  They do not have mutual friends either.  I want to protect her from those bad people in Facebook (social media) so I told her to clean her Facebook friends.  She has to unfriend those she did not know.  I told her that it is best to stay connected with people she knows and do not just accept friend request from the people she did not know.

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Changes my morning routine

My day starts and ends doing household chores, taking care of the kids (nephews and nieces), preparing foods every meal time, watching television after the chores is done and when I still have the time, I try to take some nap to regain the lost energy.  This is my normal day, tiring but fun.  Sometimes I felt really bored doing the same stuffs over again and seeing only the four corners of the house, however, I get used to it since my work is at home.  I used to work before, but end up resigning and please do not ask me why.haha!

But after I became so addict with this social media, my daily routine has change especially my morning.  When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I look for is my tablet and check for what is latest and notifications in my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account.  I spent more time with these stuffs which is not good but when I started checking, I do not want to stop.  My time is messed up I must say.  And I am blaming myself because I tolerate myself doing it.  I should have my priorities but this social media is a killer, killer of time.LOL  I wish to go back to the time when I am not so active because I want my day to be fruitful.  I should limit myself facing tablet and laptop because there are lots of things to do better than be addicted to these stuffs.  Know our limitations, set goals and be fruitful.

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Welcome to the world of facebook

Facebook is not my brother’ s thing.  Even if his friends are inviting him, encouraging him and making him jealous, still he is not into facebook.  To him, he doesn’t know how to operate computer, he doesn’t have time and it is just a waste of time.  Well, he is a guy.  Some guys doesn’t care about social media and the techie world.  But when he attended high school reunion last year, he decided to make facebook account because most of his high school friends and into facebook.  They told him to make facebook account to continue their communication, also to know the latest about their batch program, project and activities.

The brother doesn’t have computer/laptop, so he bought android phone which is cheaper.  Of course he is happy and excited to make facebook account.  But the problem is he does not know anything.  I created his facebook account first then teach him carefully on how to start, where to go, what to do and so on.  He has facebook account now, have started posting and commenting for days, but our facebook lesson is not yet done.  He still keeps on asking me things that makes him confused.  I do hope that after two weeks, he can facebook on his own and won’t bother me anymore. LOL  Anyways, congratulations to my brother and welcome to facebook world!

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