New Earphone Again

In my leisure time, traveling and when I am bored listening to music is what I like to do.  I have downloaded all my favorite songs in my phone and tablet.  So, wherever I go and whatever I do listening to these music lifted my spirit and makes me relax.  This is my stress reliever I must say.  My addiction of listening to music using my gadgets cost me four earphone already.  Yes, four earphones are busted.  The original one and class A (affordable one) kind of earphone.  I so wish to have an earphone that will last longer and of good quality.  Anyways, the original earphone of my phone was destroyed by my nephew.arghs!

The earphone that I am currently using is no longer working.  It has been four days now that I did not able to listen to my favorite songs.  I so missed listening while taking my afternoon nap and when I wake up in the morning.  I plan to buy new one again but don’t have time to go to mall.  Good thing my brother with his wife and son came to visit yesterday.  They treat me to the mall.  While at the mall, my SIL asked me of what I want.  I did not hesitate to tell her that I want a new earphone.  She laughed at me as if I am kidding.  I said, I am serious I need new earphone.  I was really happy because she gave to me her new earphone.  It is original and the brand is of good quality.  Thank you SIL for the earphone and the treat.  I am the happiest person in the world because I am so blessed with people around me.  Thank you God!

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The fourth earphone in less than two years

 photo 6bf23f3e-4073-4f47-baef-c0e41e10fa53_zpsqqshkomj.jpgThe reason I bought earphone for my laptop is because I like listening to music while doing my online stuffs.  It motivates me and inspires me while listening to my favorite songs.  I have downloaded my favorite Korean songs in my laptop so, I can listen to it when I want to and I am doing my online job.  Even though I don’t really understands what is the meaning of the songs and the lyrics, listening to the melody of the songs inspires me.  The Korean songs that I have downloaded are the OST of my favorite Korean Drama.

Since I will only used my earphone when I am working and watching Korean Drama online, I opted to buy cheaper one.  Also, it is easy to my budget.  The only problem is that the cheaper one did not last longer.  Because of the low quality it is easily busted.  When the first one is busted, I still bough the same brand of earphone for the second and third time.  Then I realized, it is a waste of money to buy the same kind and it gets busted in a short time.  It took me three times to realized that I should buy a nice quality of earphone.  The amount is a bit high compared to the old earphone but is it worth it.  It looks better than the previous ones.  I do hope that this earphone will last longer because this is the fourth earphone that I bought in less than two years.

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Earphone is busted

I let the niece borrowed my earphone out of pity because her earphone is broken. Whenever she wants to listen to the music/songs she downloaded in her phone, she borrowed my earphone. The earphone that she wants to borrow is the one I have in my laptop. Every time she borrows it, I always reminded her to be careful and take good care of the things she borrowed. She has been using my earphone many times already and so far she takes good care of it. I am glad because she listens to my reminders.

Two days ago, I was cleaning my computer table I saw that my earphone is broken. I got angry of course because she is being careless. I call her attention and scolded her without hearing her explanation. When I am done scolding her, she told me that it was not her but her older sister who broke my earphone. Argsh! I want to hit them but I refrain myself from doing so because it is no use. From the look of my earphone, I must say it can’t be fixed. I guess I have to buy new earphone again. This would be my third time buying earphone. The first two was broke by them. This time, I will not let them borrow any of my things.

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Finally I have new earphone

 photo 10f56335-7284-4a7d-8fcd-b60545b4defc_zps82545181.jpgI have mentioned in my previous post about my broken earphone.  It is no longer working because the nephew bites it.  I am sad and angry but it is no use because it is no longer working.  I have visited to a store that sells cheap and affordable earphone but I did not find the one I am looking for.  They are only selling earphone that does not have microphone.  The prices of their earphones is tempting though because it is really very cheap, but thinking that it has no earphone, I have to say no.  Anyways, there are lots of store out there.  I just have to be patient in going to one store to another.

After five stores, I found the one I am looking for, the color, the brand and the style.  I can say it is perfect.  Indeed patience is a virtue.  Going to five store isn’t easy I must say.  I have to walk to go to another store, and sometimes ride a public vehicle but it is paid off because I got what I am looking for finally.  I can now listen to my favorite songs that I have uploaded in my phone, can now listen to the radio in my phone, and talk over the phone using my earphone.  See the image of my new earphone.

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