I wish to have my sewing machine

Sewing our curtain using my hands and needle and thread was my first sewing experience.  I was 17 then I think and was trying to show my inner talent.  Since we do not have a sewing machine, I just get needle and thread and started sewing the curtain by hand.  It was a success and I am so happy with the outcome.  The only problem is that it is not sewed perfectly.  It will not last long.  But still glad that I can sew it and proved to myself that I can sew.  I have the talent which I got it from my late mother and I will develop it.  That is what I told myself back then.

The second sewing experience was when I did the nieces and nephew’s costume on their book parade at school.  And the third was when I sewed the costumes of the nephew and his classmates on their presentation for their recognition day.  Thanks to our neighbor for letting me borrow her sewing machine.  Those experiences make me so happy because in a way I can pursue my dreams to become a dressmaker just like my mother.  I wanted to study dressmaking but was not able to do it for financial reason and I do not have time yet.  I wish to really pursue this dream of becoming a dressmaker someday.  Since I did not study yet, I wish to practice while waiting for the time to study dressmaking.  And I can only do that if I have the sewing machine.  Hopefully, I get to buy and have my own sewing machine.  Who wants to give and donate for me to buy the sewing machine? *wink*

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