Paying the termination fee

For the second time, my internet connection was disconnected.  My upgraded internet connection is very strict.  When you forgot to pay the bills on time, they will terminate the connection right away.  Not like my old internet connection, they will cut the internet connection when you failed to pay the bill in two months.  I am not used to it yet, that is why I experienced internet termination twice in two months.  When they cut my connection the first time, they did not charge me for a termination fee. I just paid the unpaid bill and my connection is back after four hours.  The second time they cut my connection, I am charged a termination fee. I was angry because they did not tell me about the termination fee when I paid my bill last time.  But what can I do, I must pay it or else I do not have the internet connection.

From that experience, I learned my lesson not to neglect paying my internet bill because they are very strict now.  I do understand though, but it is difficult to accept that they will add additional burden to my internet bill.LOL!  At some point, I regret it upgrading my internet connection.  I should have stayed to my old connection which I have been using for four years.  Well, it is my sister’s fault because she is after of the phone home that is why she is persuading me to upgrade my internet connection.  Anyways, next time will pay my bill on time to avoid disconnection and the termination fee.

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